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Zero Marine Anti Puncture Sealant For Marine Inflatables (250ml)

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ZERO MARINE is an anti-puncture sealant that works instantaneously to seal air leaks and prevent air loss in paddle surf boards, inflatable boats, and other marine inflatables.

ZERO MARINE uses a liquid made with natural latex, which degrades naturally over course of time without leaving any residue.

The liquid is inserted into the board following the attached instructions. It remains inside the board and will be active for 2-3 months but this depends very much on the time the board is exposed to the sun.


  • PREVENTS MICRO-POROSITY IN PADDLE SURF BOARDS: Zero Marine is designed to provide protection to paddle surf boards and other marine inflatables against micro-porosity caused by natural elements during inflating, launching, or from sand, and rocks.
  • PROTECTS AGAINST LEAKS AND AIR LOSS: Zero Marine liquid is a sealant to instantaneously seal air leaks so that the board does not lose air and hence retains its volume.
  • IDEAL FOR PADDLE SURF RENTALS: By using Zero Marine, you can extend life of your marine inflatables, thereby generating more value from them.
  • WORKS FOR ALL MARINE INFLATABLES: Not just designed for Paddle Surf Boards, the product also works for inflatable boats like Zodiac, as well as other marine inflatables.
  • NATURAL LATEX BASED: ZEROFLATS is made of natural latex. The product degrades naturally without leaving any permanent residue.
  • SHELF LIFE: Up to 2 years


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How To Use Instructions (Download)

  • Deflate the board
  • Shake the bottle
  • Unscrew inflation valve and remove
  • Move the filter to one side to leave space to insert the tube of Zero Marine bottle
  • Inject Zero Marine into the inflatable
  • Replace the inflation valve
  • Inflate the board
  • Flip the board over to evenly distribute the liquid


  • Store at room temperature
  • Keep away from direct sunlight
  • Protect your eyes while using Zero Marine