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Find Best Bicycle Degreasers, Cleaners and Lubricants Online

It is extremely important to keep your bicycle properly cleaned and lubricated to ensure good performance out of them. Just like the human body needs lubrication in the form of healthy oils to keep the joints in good condition, certain moving parts of bicycle need lubrication to protect them from the excessive wear and tear caused by friction. Bicycle cleaners and lubricants also prevent the parts from freezing up and helps keep rust and corrosion at bay. On the flip side, over-lubricated parts become prone to dirt accumulation, abrasion, poor performance, and excessive component damage. Bicycle cleaners should only be applied to the parts where the metal parts rub against each other and must always be wiped away before the bicycle is ridden.

Zeitbike offers a comprehensive range of nontoxic cleaners that are specially formulated to give your bicycle parts the kind of lubrication without harming you or the environment in any way. The major spots where the best bicycle cleaners should be applied includes the chain, front derailleur and rear derailleur that are responsible for moving the chain between gears when you shift, brake and derailleur cables, brake and shifter levers, brake assemblies (mounted on your frame at your front and back wheel) and pedals. At Zeitbike you can find the best wet, dry and all-weather bicycle lubricants and best bike cleaner suitable for different weather conditions.