TSG - Elbowguard Tahoe A 2.0

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TSG - Elbowguard Tahoe A 2.0

Full coverage elbow guard in a pre-shaped sleeve, with a true anti-slip fit and great flexibility. The soft Arti-Lage impact pad adapts to the body and offers high performance shock absorption. Covered with an elastic pierce-proof insert for superior protection. Perfect for tough dirt rides and fun freeride trips.


  • Amplified Softshell construction
  • Arti-Lage foam
  • CE certified
  • PRE-SHAPED DESIGN: Stretchy neoprene fabric
  • HORSESHOE SHAPE: Kevlar Stretch
  • Anti-slip NBR
  • Lateral padding
  • Flex Zones
  • Top and bottom velcro straps
  • Washable (removable foam)
  • Pull-over design

Activity: Bicycle

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