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Trybike Steel - Vintage Trike Kit

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EASY BIKE TO TRIKE CONVERSION: Trybike Trike Kit is designed for use with Trybike's 2-Wheel Vintage balance bike to convert it into a trike. Trike kit makes the bike usable for small kids, from age 15 months onward.

GET MORE USE OUT OF BALANCE BIKES: Trybike 2-Wheel balance bikes are designed for kids from 2 years of age to start learning balancing before transitioning to regular bikes. The trike kit helps make the 2-wheel bike usable from 15 months onward. This is quite handy in case your child is too young for a 2-wheel option and you want to start using the bike right away. It is also particularly useful once our toddler has outgrown the bike, to easily convert to a trike for use by a younger sibling.

INCLUDES 3RD WHEEL, AXLE & ACCESSORIES: Package includes a bag with a long rear axle, three aluminium pipes, four short black nylon bushings, and two long nuts of which one is sealed to the axle, allen keys, and one wheel. The long axle is made of strongest steel for stability and durability.

SUSTAINABLE, MODULAR DESIGN: Trybike is designed and manufactured by Netherlands based Co&Co, with several years of experience in balance bike industry. Designs are modular and sustainable, easy to assemble, and easy to repair and maintain.

NOT COMPATIBLE WITH OTHER BIKES: Please note that this trike kit is designed for use only with Trybike Vintage bikes and not with any bike. The kit will not work with Trybike wooden balance bikes.