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Slash by GiGi - Vertical Split Snowboard (ApARTment23)

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Up as two, down as one

The Slash Vertical Split has two tip-to-tail Landing Strips of carbon fibre and Kevlar additives for power and stability whether the board is split or solid.

Its ice-slicing Traction Bump and S-Line touring edges down the middle of the board provide shear force when put together and add bite to all four edges, even on sketchy traverses. Built using locally grown supplies of poplar wood and beech Hardwood stringers makes it lightweight and powerful too.

Vertical Split also features the Union Hooks & Clips Pro, meaning they’ll stand the test of time even better than before.


CAMBER PROFILE, ULTIMATE TRACTION, TIP PROTECTORS: The camber profile offers a precise feel, predictable turns, solid edge hold, suspension and powerful pop. Traditional camber distributes weight evenly and offers a progressive flex pattern. A small counter radius (bump) placed in the middle of the board’s sidecut improves edge hold without creating drag or strange edge grip. It adds extra bite on ice and turns regular turns into confident carves. Thin, light and surprisingly strong aluminum protectors that cap the base and edge at the tip and tail to protect the board from impacts.

LANDING STRIP, PROGRESSIVE SIDECUT: Strips of Kevlar and carbon fiber placed from the inserts to the tips in the nose and tail to support landings and reduce washouts. This design also helps dampen high-speed chatter, offer stability at speed and load up potent ollies. The progressive sidecut design blends many radii and smooth contact points for buttery smooth turn initiation, edge-to-edge transition and edge hold. Identity shape saves material and weight and also stands up without tipping over like rounded boards do.

TRI-AX FIBERGLASS, POP WOODCORE, FACTORY WAXING: Triax fiberglass is the time-tested classic. It features a three-way weave of premium fibers with strands running at 45-degree angles. It provides superior pop, consistent torsional flex, and more overall response. Arranged with premium strips of poplar for a lightweight and smooth flex with added beech hardwood stringers tip to tail through the inserts for power transfer and durability. All Slash boards are factory waxed with OneBallJay wax and ready to shred straight out of the wrapper.

SINTERED BASE 7200, DIAMOND STONE FINISH, UNION HARDWARE: The Sintered quality base is fast, durable and requires less waxing. Splash adds a slight diamond-structured stone grind to the base to maximize glide and optimize durability. It eliminates the slow, suction cup feel that comes with one-dimensional base finishes. Vertical features top quality Union Hooks & Clips. Aluminium CNC Clips with Nylon Covers & Clips provide an optimal connection, making two become one.

TAPERED SHAPE, S-LINE SPLIT, STEEL EDGES: The width of the nose is greater than the tail width. Tapered directional shape is usually designed to provide the best float in powder – promoting the tail to sink and the nose to rise. S-Line split edges down the middle of the board are dual purpose; providing shear force when put together and added bite to the outside edge when in hike mode on icy skin tracks. The steel edges with 35% more steel content than the average, are simply stronger and more durable than the alternative.

Size Reference

How to identify the size of the board that best suits you 

The only way to know for sure is through experience. You just have to try different shapes and lengths until you figure out what is right for you. But everyone has to start somewhere, and there are a few easy guidelines you can follow to get off on the right foot. The first depends on the type of riding you want to do. If you plan on doing mostly freestyle riding, that is, hitting booters, jibs, and pipes, you will want to ride a shorter board. For more of a freeride, that is, first tracks through twelve inches of pow, a slightly longer board is typically suitable.

The rule of thumb is that, if you hold the board on end in front of you, it should come up to somewhere between your chin and the bridge of your nose. If you can find a board about that long, you should be ok to start. More advanced riders can decide if they want to go above or below that range, but at the end of the day, it is a really just a matter of preference. Contact any of our Authorized Dealers for advice, they will help you figure out which board is right for you.

Customers with Bigger Foot

It all depends. With most boots these days being more low profile, and bindings offering toe and heel ramps, you really do not need a wide board unless you are over a size 11.5 boot (U.S.). Typically, wide boards start at a 26.0 cm waist width and go wider as the length goes longer. Again, get fitted properly at your local Authorized Slash Dealer to get more of a custom set up and decide if a wide or standard width board is best for you.


Slash Vertical Split Snowboard

Slash Vertical Split Snowboard - Camber

Slash Vertical Split Snowboard - Featuers

Slash Vertical Split Snowboard - Sizing


Slash Vertical Split Snowboard - Lifestyle

Slash Vertical Split Snowboard - Lifestyle

Slash Vertical Split Snowboard - Lifestyle

Slash Vertical Split Snowboard - Lifestyle

Slash Vertical Split Snowboard - Lifestyle

Slash Vertical Split Snowboard - Lifestyle

Slash Vertical Split Snowboard - Lifestyle

Slash Vertical Split Snowboard - Lifestyle

Slash Vertical Split Snowboard - Lifestyle

Slash Vertical Split Snowboard - Lifestyle