Better Bearings - 8 mm Tough Nuts (8Pk)


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The Nylon locking system in your Nut wears out! YES, you need to replace these guys every 10-20 times you take your wheels on or off.

Seen someone lose a wheel? Don't be that person! You could axe yourself or worse someone else!

COMPATIBILITY: Better Bearings Tough Nuts are designed to fit most 8mm US threaded axles.

STRENGTH TO WEIGHT RATIO: They are really tough but weigh in under most of the other brands.

LONGER THREAD LIFE: Featuring an excellent nylon lock design these nuts ensure longer thread life, and creates higher tolerances for a more secure fit.

CORROSION RESISTANT: The metal is coated rust resistant meaning you don't need to change them as often as other brands.

Want these in a package deal? See this Better Bearing Essential Service Pack.

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