SKS - Compit Stem Mount + Compit Smartbag


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  • Integrated, minimalistic and simple.  The COMPIT/STEM mobile phone holder for stem mounting holds your mobile phone firmly and securely in place, even in tough off-road conditions. The high-quality smartphone holder is mounted below the existing ahead cap on the handlebar stem.
  • The waterproof COM/SMARTBAG universal mobile phone case (suitable for all common smartphones) can then be attached to the holder with a single twist. A special COMPIT cover is therefore not needed.
  • The transparent window ensures convenient operation of the touch screen.
  • The extra pocket underneath not only offers additional space for keys and money, but also for the COM/UNIT power bank for inductive charging of the mobile phone whilst out cycling.
  • Other features: For stem mounting, bayonet fastening, horizontal and vertical mounting, adjustable angle, includes mounting material.

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