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SIGMA Computers - Originals BC 5.0 Wireless ATS (05211)

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5 ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS w/ MULTI-DAY TOUR TRACKING: The smallest SIGMA bike computer displays speed, trip distance, total distance, ride time, and clock – the five most important basic functions that cyclists like to keep an eye on. The BC 5.0 WL measures trip time and distance for long bike tours. This makes it convenient to read the entire distance of a multi-day cycling trip. 

WIRELESS DATA TRANSFER & PRE-DEFINED TIRE SIZES: The wireless (WL) encoded transmission SIGMA has developed eliminates the need for cables. A wireless transmitter on the fork continuously measures and transmits bicycle speed without interference to the BC 5.0 WL's receiver. The pre-defined tire sizes, ranging all the way from a small child's bike to a 29" bike, make the BC 5.0 WL easy to set up. You can also enter the tire circumference exactly to the millimeter.

COMPACT, EASY-TO-READ DISPLAY: The BC 5.0 WL's 27 x 35 mm display has plenty of room to continuously display the current speed while keeping other important functions easily visible. The speedometer display is simple: four different icons make it easy to see which function has been selected for the bottom line. The icons make the bike computer extremely easy to read.

EASY OPERATION & SIMPLE INSTALLATION: Setting and using the BC 5.0 WL is very easy – and requires just one button. You can toggle through the functions safely and easily, even during a ride. The BC 5.0 WL's handlebar bracket and speed sensor can be mounted quickly on the bike with cable ties (included). The bike speedometer is convenient to remove and store. 

WEATHERPROOF w/ LONG BATTERY LIFE: The BC 5.0 WL is water-resistant and weatherproof, so it can be used at any time. Cyclists do not have to worry about the bike computer's battery life either. The integrated, replaceable button battery (CR 2032) is sufficient to supply the BC 5.0 WL with energy for well over two years.

Click here to see Originals 5.0 Wired (05210).
See all Sigma Original Models.


Bike computer with flair, for beginners
The wireless BC 5.0 WL is the low-cost gateway to the world of SIGMA ORIGINALS bike computers. For commuters, recreational riders, and even children, its five functions reliably deliver the most important data, such as speed and trip distance. It is intuitive, compact, and extremely easy to use.

What's in the box: Bike computer (including battery), bracket for wireless model, ATS transmitter (including battery), magnet, mounting material, operating instructions


Current speed
Total distance
Ride time
Clock (12/24 hrs)

ATS encoded wireless transmission
Uses icons to display functions
Predefined tyre sizes
Ride time up to 100 h
Adjustable scan mode
Automated start/stop:
Watertight in accordance with IPX8