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The Bicycle Citizens Custom Phone Mount program is for those dealers and brands who want to rock their own label on the mount. You have three choices:

  • Mount Branding
    • Your logo on the Finn
    • Standard packaging
    • MOQ 100 pcs
  • Mount & Spokecard Branding
    • Your logo on the Finn, on the Spokecard, and in the Bike Citizens App
    • Standard packaging
    • MOQ 100 pcs
  • Full Branding
    • Your logo on the Finn, on the Spokecard, and in the Bike Citizens App
    • Your logo on the packaging
    • Change colors of the packaging
    • MOQ 1,000 pcs

    If you need the designs made by us, no problem. We have designers in house with a great track record.

    The print run is per order and can take between 2-4 weeks processing time depending on the workload, time of year, etc. Give us a call: 1-805-850-3200 to get something going.

    About the Finn Smartphone Mount

    The Finn is an award-winning phone mount that works with every smartphone and every bike. The Finn universal smartphone mount holds any smartphone without direct contact with your handlebar.  The silicone is made in Austria and guarantees that the phone will sit tight, snug, and secure on your ride.

    What's a Spokecard?

    Every Finn smartphone mount comes with a spokecard. As the name suggests, a spokecard is a card you can clip between the spokes of your wheel. This way you can make your ride more colourful and give your bike an extra touch of joy.

    This card is, however, not just for decoration purposes as it holds a code for a free map in the Bike Citizens navigation app. Meaning, you do not only sell a piece of hardware but also provide your customers with a software solution designed by cyclists for cyclists.

    Branding Guidelines

    • The logo should be a vector image (.svg .eps .ai .pdf)
    • Please provide the colors of the logo in CMYK or Pantone
    • Thin lines would give you the best result. Should your logos have filled areas or thick lines, working with the outline of the logo is a great alternative.

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