Ergotec ergotec Stem High Ray 6 (Ahead 28.6/35.0, 55mm, 45° | Black Sandblasted)


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Designed for MTB, downhill and performance use, the High Ray stem is the perfect combination of strength, comfort and performance.

A feature of the High Ray stem is its clamping diameter of 35.0 mm, which ensures a solid connection between handlebar and stem. This ensures good stability and makes it perfect for demanding mountain bike trails.

With a projection of 55 mm, the High Ray stem offers a balance between manoeuvrability and control. The 45° angle allows for a more upright riding position, which increases comfort and gives better handling.

The construction of the High Ray stem not only ensures top-notch performance, but also high strength. It was developed to withstand the stresses of demanding mountain biking.

In addition, the High Ray stem has a Safety Level 6, which means that it is approved for a total weight of up to 140 kg (rider + bike + luggage).

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