TSG Helmets & Gear – The #1 Electric Boarding Company Favorite.

The TSG Pass helmet may be TSG’s most iconic and favored design yet, however TSG and Zeitbike’s awesome collection of skateboard helmets, bike helmets, pads and gear have proven industry pioneers in keeping EBC’s e-boarders safe on the streets.

Why e-boarders love the TSG Collection

The TSG superlight gear collection has a lot to boast about in the e-skate community. While the traditional e-board or e-bike can travel up to roughly 20-30 mph in certain riding conditions, staying safe yet light on the ground is an essential to all e-boarders. TSG’s open face helmet range including the TSG Meta, TSG Evolution and the TSG Kraken have been e-skater favorites, kids favorites and make for an awesome gift this holiday season. The added benefit of the TSG open face format is the natural breathable nature, easy adjustable strapping and inner padding designed to absorb vibrations in impact.

While the helmets may protect your head on impact, where’s the first place you fall? Your hands. The TSG superlight GRIPPP collection and wrist guards also make for the perfect value for money add on items before you hit the tarmac. Although, rightfully so the #1 seller and the full-face protective e-boarders helmet, is the TSG Pass Helmet. The timeless classic is most famous amongst skilled racers and regular riders looking to protect themselves on the move, and all customers at The Electric Boarding Co, have never felt so safe. If you’re looking for the full TSG Gear combo, the Knee Pad Professional model and TSG elbow pad range never fail to excite, with easy slip on fabric and hard exterior shells to protect on impact.

Electric Bike Helmets & Lights

Just like the infamous Shredlights for e-boarders, staying visible and safe on the road with a bicycle light for your e-bike is vital. With the rising number of urban commuters heading home after dark, the CLIQ light makes for the perfect add on and is a bestseller for all users looking to stay seen on the road, with various wireless modems and settings. With the e-bike movement also taking the North American hemisphere by storm, traditional bike helmets have taken a step forward and tailored their iconic designs to make sure they’re as safe for e-bikers and electric motorbikes also. The TSG Scope helmet may have been an EBC bestselling bike helmet this past year, however the TSG Freetown Rambl bike helmet is superlight, breathable with 19 air vents and weighs 0.68 lbs., making it one of the lightest bike helmets on Earth.

TSG Helmets & Gear – The Initiative

While the World as we know it endures drastic environmental changes and with the nature of the pandemic, we’ve found ourselves depending more and more on the use of micro mobility products such as e-bikes, foldable bikes, e-boards and renewable/cost-efficient modes of transport. While for decades we thought urban transportation was the fastest way around town, bicycle highways and the introduction of inner-city electric scooters have enabled us to realize we can and will provide a more time efficient, cost reducing and environmentally friendly future. TSG’s wonderful collection of helmets and gear along with Zeitbike’s parts and accessories contribute to a part of that initiative and will continue to keep all of our #EBCRiders safe and light on the streets. 

By The Electric Boarding Company



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