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👍 Lightweight, Simple & Effective Mudguard For Minimalist Bikers

👍 Lightweight, Simple & Effective Mudguard For Minimalist Bikers

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If you are a frequent rider, then you are always on the road, no matter the weather. It simply does not make sense to ride without an “Ass Saver”. These simple and effective mudguards let you cut through wet roads, snowy lanes, and tropical downpours without any worry!

Stay Dry In Rain & Snow

Ass Savers are exactly what the name indicates. They will keep sprays off your back from wet puddles and melted snow to keep your backside clean and dry. 

Simple & Effective

Comes in a convenient size so you can carry them in your backpack when not in use. Installs easily without any special tools and works great. 

Easy Installation & Removal

The patent pending FLIP-TIP™ technology allows you to securely fasten the mudguard to the saddle with a simple flip of the tip, just like a cycling cap. To unlock, just flip the tip back down and pull backwards. Carbon rails The FLIP-TIP® technology is fully compatible with all types of carbon saddle rails.

Lightweight & Durable

Ass Savers are for the cool riders, who do not have to install full mudguards, which tend to make the bikes bulkier and heavier. These lightweight mudguards can be installed on a needed basis.

Trusted Swedish Brand

Ass Savers are made in Sweden, using Polypropylene manufactured in Europe to ensure the best quality for long lasting and well performing products. The company also follows some of the strictest regulations in the world regarding workers rights and environmental protection.

Pick Your Ass Saver

There is an Ass Saver for everyone!

Regular or BIG

Choose from the most popular “Regular” design suited for 23-35mm tire widths or Ass Savers BIG for MTB or Fat Bikes with tire widths of 30-55mm. 

Mudder & Mudder Mini

Mudder is a simple and functional front mounted mudguard that will fit all standard front suspension forks with wheel sizes between 26" to 29". Mudder Mini will fit all cross/gravel forks, and tire widths 32-55mm.

Fendor Bendor

Fendor Bendor is a full rear mudguard for instant protection. Fendor Bendor Big offers maximum protection for Gravel/MTB bikes and tire width 32-55mm. 


Are you a “Chicago” fan? We have got a “Chicago” themed Ass Saver just for you!


Also, don't forget the coolest thing. Check out Custom Ass Savers to customize the design for your shop!

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