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🙌 Top Bike Care Products For Cyclists. High Performance with Environment Friendly Formula

🙌 Top Bike Care Products For Cyclists. High Performance with Environment Friendly Formula

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Owning a bike is a great first step towards a healthy and active lifestyle. Along comes a bit of responsibility to maintain it properly to ensure ride safety and long bike life. Offer your customers a bike care pack with an entire line of basic maintenance products to help with this.


Green Oil Bike Lubes & Cleaners

Green Oil brand of products offer high performance along with biodegradable, eco-friendly formula that is gentle on the earth. Chain lubes will ensure proper lubrication of moving parts for smooth performance. Degreasers do a great job of removing tough grime and dirt from bike chains and sprockets.


SKS Bike Protection

SKS offers bike frame protection, bike cleaning, and lubrication products in easy to use spray packaging. SKS also has tubeless sealant available in 2 sizes - 4.2 oz or 16.9 oz. Regular use of mudguards helps with keeping grime and water away from your bike parts, helping reduce big maintenance needs.


Tire Care

A tire gauge is a must have tool for every cyclist, to check tire pressure before each ride. Use a pump to fill up as needed.

Tire Sealants

Sealants from top brands like SKS, Panaracer, and Zero Flats spring to action as soon as a puncture happens to fill up and seal the gap, so you can enjoy break-free rides, staying away from the hassles of tire removal and puncture fixing.

New Product Alert

Our popular Green oil On Tour wet chain lube is now in stock in an all new 30ml size, quite handy for cyclists to pack.

We’ve some exciting new products almost here in stock like Bike Citizens Reflective Spoke Cards, Zero Flats Lubes & Sealants. Stay tuned. We’ll buzz you as long as they are available online for sale.




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