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💪 Ride Hard with the Grippiest Gloves For Bikeaholics

💪 Ride Hard with the Grippiest Gloves For Bikeaholics

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As Fall is almost here, everyone is  gearing up for those chilly weather rides. It is a perfect time to stock up on your bike gloves. First of all, let’s do a quick overview of the benefits of wearing gloves on all your bike rides. Also how you can stay in control with the ultimate grip offered by Hirzl bike gloves.


Harness the Secure Grip

Hirzl gloves have design features for sweat control and water absorption to ensure the best grip on all weather rides. Their in-house, patented GRIPPP technology ensures 3x more grip in dry weather and 5x more grip in wet weather compared to other gloves in the market.

Stay Safe & Protected

Bike Gloves protect your hands from sharp objects and injuries during inadvertent falls or crashes during rides. The extra layer of protection will keep your hand safe from scratches or cuts.

Ride Warm & Cozy

First and foremost, gloves keep your fingers warm, so you can stay out longer during Winter days or chilly early morning Fall rides. Grippp Thermo Gloves have been designed with special water and wind repellent features for those outdoor rides. Hirzl also offers a finger jacket so riders can add on extra protection over their bike gloves as needed.

Ergonomic features for comfortable rides

Gloves like Hirzl Tour 2.0 gloves have padding to soak up trail vibrations, thereby sparing your hands from the effects of sudden jerks and transitions. Gloves like Grippp Light and Tour FF/SF 2.0 are designed with special ergonomic features like360° move” low-wrist construction for comfortable hand support during longer rides.

Dealers be sure to login to your wholesale account for special dealer pricing as well as volume discounts. Also take a look at our Tour SF 1.0 and Tour FF 1.0 gloves, which are on sale now while supplies last.



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