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panaracer tires

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👌 The Grippiest tires for road, off-road, gravel, or mountain bikes!

Offering the most suited bicycle tire to customers can be a daunting task. There are so many brands and tire types to choose from. Let’s take a quick look at how different tires fare based on parameters that are important for different riding styles. And also at a high quality tire brand that has a great selection to suit any riding style and a brand quality that never fails!


Folding vs Wire Bead

Folding tires are made using synthetic material like Kevlar, which is more flexible, with advantages of higher TPI, lower weight, and higher traction. Wire Bead tires on the other hand are more rigid and budget friendly than folding tires. Folding tires are the tires of choice for long distance riders due to lower weight and foldable feature.

Rolling Resistance

This matters the most for cross country riders where speed matters. Racers look for low tire weights that roll. Panaracer Race A Evo 3 & Evo 4 are superior road tires with low rolling resistance. Soar All Condition is a race oriented design perfect for XC and Marathons. Comet is designed for speed, perfect for XC and hardpack.

Grippy w/ Deep Tread Pattern

Mountain bikers and CX riders need deep and sturdy tread that grip well. Gravel riders need those aggressive side lugs to maintain control in corners and transitions. Panaracer’s Gravel King series with additional models like SK, SS+ etc, offers such deep and aggressive side treads. Driver Pro is a round profile tire that has specially placed multi height knobs and treads for super speed on smooth, straight trails.

Durable Tires for gnarliest trails

Most importantly you need tires to be able to withstand the abuse that comes with those steep climbs, descents, harsh hits, and uneven riding conditions. Tires come with extra design features for puncture resistance to avoid damages from edges, cuts and sharp surfaces. Pasela ProTite, RiBMo ProTite Mile Cruncher, and T-Serv ProTite feature “ProTite” puncture resistance technology that guarantees durability in tough riding conditions. RegaCross uses a unique high density design for puncture protection.

Right material - Multi Compound Construction

Depending on the riding condition, you might want soft compounds for extra grip and control for your racing tires. For more adventurous riding, stay with harder compounds that offer durability as well. Pandora, Romero, FirePro, and Aliso harness this optimal multi compound formula, making them great all mountain tires.

Panaracer - Brand Equity that never fails

Being in the market for more than 40 years, this Japanese brand knows tires inside out. They never compromise on performance or quality and have a great lineup of tires for different riding styles and budget.

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