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🚴 These New Wheels Makes Wonders For Gravel Grinders

🚴 These New Wheels Makes Wonders For Gravel Grinders

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💯 Maximum strength, power, control, and traction for your gravel adventures


Spinergy “44” Hub

Spinergy Inc. has done a great deal of overhaul in their 2021 wheel lineup. Most of the popular wheels have been upgraded to use their improved, beefier “44” hub. Latest from their technology team, Spinergy 44 sports new CNC machined hub shells, larger axles, laser etched logos, and centerlock disc mounts. 

Larger 44mm ratchet ring with 108 points of engagement allows greater transfer of power and torque for extreme adventures. Spinergy 44 offers compatibility with Shimano Micro Spline 12-speed and Campagnolo Ekar 13-speed groupset. Another major highlight is a slip-fit system that allows you to easily swap out end caps to accommodate, 15mm,12mm or QR axles.


All new GX Max 650b and 700c

GX Max is the latest addition to Spinergy’s gravel wheel family, built with specific features for gravel. GX Max combines the benefits of Spinergy’s inhouse patented PBO strokes along with the beefed up “Spinergy 44” hub technology. 



Power of PBO

PBO spokes offer 3x the strength at half the weight compared to traditional stainless steel spokes. These spokes are built to withstand abuse and harsh hits on the toughest trails. The technology offers more control and reduces rider fatigue by dampening trail vibrations. 



High performance w/ “Spinergy 44” hub

GX Max uses the new “44” hub for maximum strength, torque generation, and transfer of power for extreme adventures. CNC machined hub shells, larger axles and 28 spokes offer increased lateral stiffness while cornering or out of saddle efforts.


Customization options

Front wheel can be customized with a 12mm, 15mm, or Quick Release axle with centerlock brake. Rear wheel has 12mm and Quick Release hub options. Riders can customize the spoke color from exciting choices.


GX Max 650b or 700c

GX Max wheels are available in 650b or 700c size.


Spinergy Wheel Lineup

Been in the bicycle wheel market from the 1990s, the company has successfully launched wheels in all riding categories. LX 29 and LX 650 wheels are built with specific features for mountain bikes. Their extensive gravel wheel line up includes GX Alloy, GX32, GXX Carbon, and now the all new GX Max. Riders have options of Z32, Z Lite, FCC 32, and FCC 47 for road.


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