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💦 Spotlighting Fenders & Cliq AI Bike Light! 🛒 Awesome Custom Mudguard Options for Dealers!

💦 Spotlighting Fenders & Cliq AI Bike Light! 🛒 Awesome Custom Mudguard Options for Dealers!

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🤗 Welcome Warm, Dry & Safe Holidays w/ Ass Savers, Villain, SKS, & Cliq

We are always very excited talking about Ass Savers! In addition to their very popular regular and big saddle mudguards, mudder regular, mudder mini, and fendor bendors, the next coolest thing is the custom Ass Saver!


Promote your Shop with a custom design today!
It’s exciting to see your brand everywhere in town! Here’s a smart and friendly way to make it into the team of riders! Stay visible & stay in their mind. With custom Ass Savers you can design your own fender at as small quantities as 100 or 250 per design. Do not miss out on this cool opportunity to get more visible!

What makes Ass Savers Irresistible?
The original saddle mudguard
  • Perfect for riders who do not prefer permanent mudguards
  • Quick installation as needed, requiring no tools
  • Smart design for easy storage & carrying
  • Great for commuters and casual riders
  • Customizing options for shops and dealers


SKS Mudguards - RIDE ON!
SKS Mudguards comes from Germany with its reputation for ease of installation, simplicity, and effective coverage. SKS has a long history of protecting bikers from dirt and splash!

There is a wide variety in both styles and sizes when it comes to SKS. SKS offers the extended protection that many bikers are looking for from permanent fenders!


Villain Vandal Mudguard
Villain gives you the option to stay lean and mean! Flexibility to be used in the front fork or rear triangle. Easy installation with zip ties. Perfect for those minimalists who stay away from permanent fenders.

Cliq - The Intelligent Bikelight
Now that we’ve covered the essentials of staying dry, it’s time to spot some light on the coolest taillight we have in store! Cliq is the perfect taillight for modern bikers.

Cliq is more than just a regular taillight!
  • Optimized visibility from both the rear and sides
  • Brake light triggers when you slow down
  • Theft alert function to keep your bike safe
  • Customize your own blinking patterns and brightness
  • Super intuitive mobile app for iOS and Android
  • New features provided through firmware updates
Don't miss out and get yours now! 🛒💨

Great news! We have partnered with Rumbleship to offer Net Terms to dealers.
  • You can get NET 30 and NET 60 as our standard terms and NET 90 upon request on orders.
  • You can also use Rumbleship to just wire us immediately, no rates apply.

You can read all about it here.

Be sure to check out the cool products below!

Stay safe and keep riding!

& Your Team at ZEITBIKE
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