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🔐 Knog Bike Locks from Australia!! Budget Friendly, Urban, & Flashy for City People! Attractive Display Options!

🔐 Knog Bike Locks from Australia!! Budget Friendly, Urban, & Flashy for City People! Attractive Display Options!

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🚴 Functional & Sleek Bike locks! Sturdy inner core & flashy yet heavy duty outer sleeve, gentle on your bikes!


Knog cable locks are colorful, sturdy, value bicycle locks from the Australian brand famous for their bike lights! Knog’s collection includes a variety of cable locks, chain locks, and keyless combination locks, so there is something for everyone.

Chain Locks - Power Locks
Knog Straight Jacket Lock is available in two styles - Skinny with 6.3 mm steel shackle padlock and Fatty with 8 mm steel shackle padlock. 800 mm (31.5 in) hardened steel chain within a long lasting, heavy duty nylon sleeve will keep your bike secure. Weighing just 1.87 lb, Straight Jacket locks are highly functional, easy to use locks at an affordable price range.

Cable Locks - Sausage Locks
Knog offers a variety of cable locks - Frankie, Kabana, Kransky and Party Coil among several others. All of these feature colorful silicone overmoulded exterior over fibre core interior. The soft skin will protect your bike body, whereas the fibrous core offers protection against theft. All of these feature braided steel cable, and stainless steel shackles.

Combo Locks - Keyless Locks
Knog Combo locks offer the advantage of easy, keyless operation with multitude of locking combinations. Friendly design sports big letters for easy use. Party Combo is a cable lock with fibrous core security and heavy duty, soft nylon sleeve protection. Milkman Combo lock is a lightweight and compact, easy for road cyclists to carry and use during shortstops.

While you are here, do not miss the cool black metal display for Knog Frankie locks, which holds up to 12 locks. Also check out the cool slatwall display which can be used to showcase different types of locks.

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