ZEITBIKE TPU Innertube for Road/Gravel/MTB Bicycles - 40mm valve with optional 30mm extender


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ZEITBIKE brings you the world's lightest and long lasting bicycle tire inner tubes by Eclipse. These tubes are perfect for cyclists who want the best of both worlds - a super lightweight tube that's stronger and long lasting.

The tube is made from premium TPU material, with a 40mm valve length and metal valve stem. The removable valve core means you can easily change out the valve if needed or use valve extenders to fit your rim height. Plus, the small package size makes it easy to take with you on the go.

Size Choices:

Size: Road 20/25mm
Tire Sizes: 622 x 20-25mm/700 x 20-25C
Weight: 35gm/0.077lb (40mm valve)
Valve: 40mm OR 70mm with 30mm valve extender
Pack size: Single or 2 pack

Size: Road 28/35mm
Tire Sizes: 622 x 28-35 mm/700 x 28/35C
Weight: 44gm/0.097lb (40mm valve)
Valve: 40mm OR 70mm with 30mm valve extender
Pack size: Single or 2 pack

Size: Road/Gravel 30/45mm
Tire Sizes: 622 x 30-45 mm/700 x 30/45C
Weight: 60gm/0.13lb (40mm valve)
Valve: 40mm OR 70mm with 30mm valve extender
Pack size: Single or 2 pack


      ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT BICYCLE TUBE: These inner tubes by Swiss company, Eclipse claim to be the lightest tubes weighting in the range of 35g/44g/60g (40mm valve) for the 3 size choices available for road/gravel/mtb bikes. They are lighter than tubeless setup, offering lower rolling resistance and better flat protection.

      PREMIUM TPU: Tubes are welded using thermoplastic polyurethene (TPU), unlike standard bonded tubes, giving them an upper hand in terms of durability and longevity. 100% Recycleable.

      LONG LASTING W/ PUNCTURE PROTECTION: These inner tubes offer greater puncture protection, also easily repaired with a special kit (NOT INCLUDED).  Though lighter than standard tubes, these tubes are made with special material to make them stronger and long lasting for your rides.

      SIZE CHOICES: Available in 3 sizes - Road 20/25mm, Road 28/35mm, or Road/Gravel 30/45mm. with 40mm valve, that can be up to 70mm with 30mm valve extender available as an optional addon. Compatible tire sizes are 622 x 20-25mm/700 x 20-25C, 622 x 28-35 mm/700 x 28/35C, or 622 x 30-45 mm/700 x 30/45C for the 3 sizes respectively.

      REMOVABLE VALVE CORE: Tubes feature a metal valve stem and removable valve core. Valve length goes upto 70mm with valve extender.

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