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TSG Seek offers the most reliable protection for thrill-seeking adventure bikers. Hardshell construction combines strength and durability for optimum protection from impact forces. The combination of tough ABS hardshell and shock-absorbing EPS foam liner guarantees stability, comfort, and protection. High-performance EPS foam padding cushions your head by dispersing all impact forces before reaching the head.


Seek helmet comes with an adjustment wheel on the back for a custom fit. Bikers can easily dial in their fit within seconds. It is important that bikers use this adjustment for the helmet to stay in place without wobbling or falling during inadvertent falls, crashes, or accidents.


Seek bike helmet comes with a removable visor, so you can have the added protection when desired and removed when not required. You can easily find a replacement visor in the market if needed. The premium, heat-sealed comfort pads can be removed and cleaned, which is very important as active sports can get very sweaty too often. Pads are quick-drying after hand or machine wash.


Seek helmet has seventeen air vents that permit maximum airflow to keep your head cool and comfortable. The ventilated design is particularly important for bikers who are out there doing their practice on warm weather days. Comfort padding protects your brain during inadvertent accidents on varying trail conditions.


TSG gets it that bikers, athletes, or parents do not want any compromise when it comes to bike safety. TSG Seek helmets are made with the utmost quality and performance standards to meet the European Bike and Skateboard helmet standard and US-American bike helmet standard. TSG protective gear is designed in Switzerland and tested by an internal team of passionate riders.


Get on with conquering those rigorous trails, rails, and parks, with the reliable, impact protection from TSG Seek Helmet. Lightweight, strong, and comfortable design makes Seek the helmet of choice for BMX, snowsports or skating. 

TSG Seek uses special hardshell construction to connect shock-absorbing EPS liners to ABS hard shells, creating super-strong helmets with extreme stability. TSG uses a less intrusive design that does not interfere with the athlete's movements.

The removable visor offers sun protection without limiting visibility or mobility. The visor can be easily replaced with a new one with this flexible design. TSG Bike helmets have ample airflow channels to prevent heat build-up by circulating fresh air for riding comfort.

A good fit is extremely important for comfortable biking. Bikers can easily adjust the fit using a wheel on the back of the helmet. It is particularly important that bikers and optimize the fit so that they can ride in comfort with better riding focus. The removable comfort pads dry quickly after cleaning by hand or machine wash.

Worry stops with Seek helmets, with the guaranteed quality that is regulated by international safety standards such as CE EN 1078 (European standard for bike and skateboarding helmets) and CPSC (US-American standard for bike helmets). Designed in Switzerland, all TSG products are tested by an internal team of passionate riders.

Seek helmet comes in three sizes:

  • XXS/XS: 52-56 cm
  • S/M: 54-58 cm
  • L/XL: 58-62 cm


Uses: Trail, All Mountain

Certifications: NF EN 1078+A1:02 2013, CPSC

Weight: 380 gm


Head circumference: XXS/XS: 52-56 cm, S/M: 54-58 cm, L/XL: 58-62 cm



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