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Green Oil Ecosponge has excellent dirt and grime busting powers to clean your bike frames by removing the build-up of oil, grease, mud, and grime. Urban riders, as well as mountain bikers, can enjoy the smoother and faster gear transitions and efficient rides.

The Green Oil Ecosponge offers excellent grease-busting properties, for deep cleaning of bikes for enhanced efficiency. Plant-based inner foam and upcycled fabric outer covering offer the benefit of sustainability and comfort. The natural cotton outer layer is soft and safe for use on anodized parts, seals, and carbon fiber frames.

Green Oil Ecosponge is made with processes adhering to Fairtrade policies to help with reducing poverty and improving the quality of life of underprivileged workers. Green Oil's eco-friendly formula made completely with natural plant-based bristles and the recycled fabric is free of harmful plastics that litter the surroundings. With its 100% sustainable formula, Green Oil sponge does not leave harmful traces in the environment.

Use: Cleaning of bicycle frames

Recommended for: Commuters or mountain bikers, e-bikes and kids' bikes


  • Plant based:¬†The EcoSponge uses a plant based inner. This plant is indigenous to the Philipines and has to grow amongst other indignous plants. Growing these is therefore good for the ecosystem.
  • Recycled:¬†The outside is made of recycled cotton. Litterally, every Ecospone is completely unique! They are largely made from reclaimed cottong rice sacks. This is super soft for frame cleaning, and tought enough to wipe down your frame too.
  • Compostable:¬†The Ecosponge is biodegradable and can go on your compost heap if it ever wears out. It is Petrochemical free, so you're not putting fragments of petrochemicals into the environment when using it.¬†


How to use the Ecosponge?

1. Soak in a bucket of water for 1 minute. Watch it soften and expand slightly 
2. Squeeze out, then apply Green Clean bike cleaner to your EcoSponge 
3. Clean off dirt from your frame with your Ecosponge, rinsing it out regularly 

After use, dry out your Ecosponge indoors or in the sun. You can actually wash it with your dark clothing in a washing machine


The Ecosponge is our only fair trade product, because the term 'fair trade' doesn't apply to things produced in 'developed' countries like the UK, or products from large factories where a different set of ethical labour codes are applied. Simply, the UK and similar countries have a minimum wage and a welfare state which generally plays the role fair trade principals. 'Fair trade' applies generally to processed farm products, and things made by hand in developing countries. Like coffee, or little wood toys for example.

Why not use a natural sea sponge? 

Apparently too many people want sponges from the bottom of the sea, and people taking too many is damaging the ecosystem in various places. 

So growing sponges using fair trade principles is the way forward, rather than using sea sponges. 

Recycling information 

  • The Ecosponge label is thin card, easily recycled.
  • The Ecosponge itself is compostable. If you don't have a compost bin, you can just bury it!

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