SKS - Bicycle Bag - Racer Straps 800 - Saddlebag with a Hook and Loop Fastener - 800ml Capacity


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Bring your bike ride essentials with the lightweight, functional and aerodynamic RACER STRAPS 800 Bicycle Bag designed especially for racing bikes. Racer Straps 300 is available in smaller size with 300 ml capacity.


  • Sporty saddlebag with a hook and loop fastener
  • Made of durable, water-repellent fabric.
  • Integrates nicely to a racing bike.
  • Offers sufficient space for tools, replacement tubes and personal items.
  • Reflective elements, like the SKS logo, add safety.
  • Durable rubberized hook and loop fastener.
  • Also features laminated zipper with ergonomic easy-zip, secure inside pocket, plus an orange-coloured lining to make finding items easier.


  • color: black
  • weight: 125 g
  • capacity: 800 ml
  • measurements: 190 x 75 x 100 mm

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