SKS - Infinity Universal Rack with MIK Click System


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High-Quality and Easily Attached Rear Luggage Bike Rack. The Infinity Universal Rack with MIK System by SKS Germany was developed and manufactured to create a high-quality aluminum luggage rack system loaded with special features. The all-new Infinity Universal Rack System allows you to easily attach a rear luggage rack to your bike. Highly adjustable mounting arms allow for mounting on virtually any bike. Now you can easily convert your bike into a commuting or touring pack-horse.  Perfect for that post-dinner doggie bag, a jacket for the ride home, or a 6-pack of your favorite beer.

Easy Installation and Removal, Securely Attached. Installation is relatively simple and removal is a snap.  When installing, simply loosen the set-screw with the T25 wrench (handily included on the rack’s built-in holder) for each strap that holds the rack on the frame, feed the rubber-backed straps through the locking mechanism, and tighten the screw.

Bike Paint Protected, and with Adjustable Position. The rubber backing helps to secure the rack to the seat stays and will protect your paint while keeping a solid hold. Next, you can adjust the level of the rack by loosening the screws on each of the mounting arms and moving the rack system fore or aft.  Test how firmly the rack is mounted and you’ll see that your cargo isn’t going anywhere!

Comes with MIK Adapter Plate; Infinity Topbag and Infinity Universal Rear Light can also be Purchased as a Match. The rack comes with a built-in MIK adapter plate (which fits any bag that utilizes the MIK Locking system). Or, you can purchase the 7 Liter SKS Infinity Topbag (Item number: 11947) weighing 1100g and measuring 320x200x200 (mm). The bag is water resistant, features plenty of reflective elements, and comes with a rear light loop.  Another accessory available for the Infinity Universal Rack system is the new SKS Infinity Universal Rear light (30g) (Item Number: 11948). The light comes with an adapter plate and rubber rings so that it can be integrated into the rack system, or used on your seatpost when the rack isn’t on the bike. It shines at 30 lumens and is USB rechargeable.

SKS Fenders can also be Purchased to Match the Rack. Of course, the Infinity Universal Rack wouldn’t be complete without SKS fenders to keep you and your cargo dry. SKS offers fenders in either a 56mm or 75mm width that mount directly to the rack system. The fenders feature a squared profile and a matte black finish. Choose your fender width based on your tire size and easily mount the rear fender to the rack using the supplied adapters and screws. A matching Infinity Front Fender is also available for use with a suspension or rigid fork.


  • Weight: 975g
  • Max Load: 26lbs
  • Max Tire Width: 2.8”
  • Built of Sturdy Aluminum
  • Easy Mounting Strap System
  • MIK Adapter Plate (compatible with all popular MIK rear panniers)
  • More Bags Coming Soon
  • Common Side Bags can be easily attached to rack
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Rack is not suitable for carbon frames or for child seats

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