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SKS - Bike Rear Fender - Mudrocker - Black, 27.5" To 29", 59-76mm/2.2"-3"

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Color: Black

HIGH PERFORMANCE REAR MUDGUARD FOR MOUNTAIN BIKES: SKS Mudrocker  is a high performance rear mudguard for mountain bikes, made using glass fiber reinforced plastic. Designed in a matt-glossy finish, Mudrocker Rear goes integrated on the rear wheel so that the frame and the wheel look like a single unit. Extra long design gives ultimate protection from dirt and splashes. Also suited for fully bikes, and mountain bikes with vario seatposts.

EASY MOUNTING & REMOVAL: Mudrocker Rear can be attached using rubberized velcro straps on the seat stays of the rear triangle. can be easily mounted on the fork bridge, with rubberized, paint-friendly hook and loop fasteners or cable ties. Includes velcro straps and frame protection film.

REAR EXTENDER FOR MORE COVERAGE: Mudrocker Rear comes with a rear extender, which can optionally be pushed in towards the seatstay, for added protection. The positioning can be perfected easily using scissors to protect bottom bracket region and front derailleur. The extender also provides enhanced splash protection. The extender can also be attached to the lower end of the mudguard if preferred.

FRAME PROTECTION: Mudrocker Rear has soft-wedge shaped pad in the mounting arms to protect your frame. This is also rotatable and can be used to adjust the height in two different positions, so that distance to the tire can be optimized.

GERMAN QUALITY: Mudrocker is made in Germany, based on technology and experience of more than 100 years.


  • Material: Glass-fiber Reinforced Plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 283 g + 35 g / 0.62 lb + 0.08 lb
  • Length: 840mm / 33.07"
  • Wheels: 27.5", 650b, 28", 29"
  • tyre width: 2.2" - 3" / 59-76mm