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SIGMA Computers - BC 23.16 STS digital wireless (White) (02316)

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Broad range of functions

The BC 23.16 STS enables cyclists to keep an eye on all important bike, altitude, and heart rate functions. It creates an altitude profile and a heart rate graph. In addition to its temperature display and lap function, it shows current, average, and maximum cadence. All necessary transmitters are included in the scope of delivery.

Enormous logging capacity

Cyclists can save up to 99 logs on the BC 23.16 STS. That is a total logging time of up to 500 hours at a logging interval of 20 seconds.

Ghost race

The SIGMA DATA CENTER training software can be used to select one data set from the stored log data to serve as a virtual opponent for a "ghost race". The display always shows the difference between the rider's time and route distance and the ghost's and who is currently ahead.

For lap counters

The BC 23.16 STS can store up to 50 laps per tour. A dedicated lap button ensures quick operation. Detailed data for each lap can be analysed in the lap view. Cyclists can scroll through each lap's values or select a value and compare individual laps.

Power in watts

The BC 23.16 STS calculates current and average performance in watts. This allows performance to be compared at any time.

An eye on all data

"Cyclists can use the free SIGMA LINK app to review their training data right on their Android smart phone via NFC and to change settings. The data can also be loaded to the SIGMA DATA CENTER or other training platforms (Strava, komoot, Training Peaks, etc.).

Monthly statistics

The wireless bike computer shows cyclists their personal statistics for the last twelve months. Total distance and trip time can be viewed. This “training diary” allows comparison of monthly activity.

Can be used for two bikes

The BC 23.16 STS can easily be mounted on a second bike, whether that bike be a mountain bike, city bike, or road bike. After it is set up once, the bike computer automatically recognizes the bike being used. All that is needed to mount the bike computer on a second bike is a second bracket and transmitter.

Wireless data transfer

The wireless (WL) encoded transmission SIGMA has developed eliminates the need for cables. A wireless transmitter fastened to the fork continuously transmits the measured bicycle speed to the BC 23.16 STS's receiver without interference. The cadence and heart rate transmitter included in delivery also reliably transmit measured data.

Large backlit display

The BC 23.16 STS´s slim design and angular shape look good, especially on a sporty bike. The 30 x 45 mm display has room for large numbers that are very easy to read during a ride. Current speed is displayed continuously, and any value can be chosen as the second value. Especially practical is the BC 23.16 STS backlight, so the values can be read easily even when it is dark.


Weatherproof, with long battery life

The BC 23.16 STS is water-resistant and weatherproof, so it can be used at any time. Cyclists do not have to worry about the wireless speedometer's battery life. The integrated, replaceable button battery (CR 2032) is sufficient to supply the BC 23.16 STS with energy for well over two years. During battery replacement, all total values and settings remain protected.

Quick to mount

The BC 23.16 STS's handlebar bracket and the speed and cadence sensor can be mounted quickly on the bike with cable ties (included). The bike computer can be conveniently removed and stored at any time.

Easy to operate

The BC 23.16 STS is attractive not only because of its many features, but also because of its ease of use. Laps and bike, altitude, and heart rate functions each have their own button for a quick overview. Small graphics facilitate navigation in the BC 23.16 STS menu. There are training graphics in the altitude profile and heart rate areas. A scroll bar indicates where the cyclist currently is.

Linguistic talent

The BC BC 23.16 STS is a linguistic genius. Its full text display can be in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, or Polish.

Predefined tyre sizes

The pre-defined tire sizes, ranging from a small child's bike to a 29" bike, make it easy to set the BC 23.16 STS. You can also enter the tire circumference exactly to the millimeter.


The super logger

The BC 23.16 STS is the sportiest TOPLINE 2016 model. In addition to all the important cycling, altitude, lap, and heart rate functions, it also displays cadence. One important highlight is its enormous logging capacity (up to 500 hours). The SIGMA DATA CENTER training software can be used to convert previously saved logging data into a virtual opponent for a “ghost race”. The BC 23.16 STS can use the free SIGMA LINK app to communicate with Android smart phones. But the wireless bike computer scores not only with its many features, but also with its ease of use.

What's included

Bike computer (including battery), bracket for wireless models, STS speed transmitter (including battery), STS cadence transmitter (including battery), R1 STS COMFORTEX+ heart rate transmitter (including battery), magnets, mounting material, operating instructions



Current Speed/Average speed/
Maximum speed"
Current/average speed comparison
Distance/Total distance (For Bike 1/Bike 2/Total)
Ride time/Total ride time (For Bike 1/Bike 2/Total)
Cadence/Average/Maximum cadence
Watt power (calculated)
Average watt power (calculated)
Clock (12/24 hrs)
Ghost race
Altitude measurement:
Altitude graph
Current altitude/Maximum altitude (cur. trip)
Current altitude/Current gradient
Altitude uphill/downhill
Distance uphill/downhill
Total altitude uphill/downhill (For Bike 1/Bike 2/Total)
Total distance uphill/ Total distance downhill (For Bike 1/Bike 2/Total)
Heart rate functions:
Heart rate graph
Cur./avg./max. heart rate
Zone graph showing heart rate as % of max. HR
Intensity zones graph
Calories /Total calories


Logging up to 500 hrs. in 5/10/20-second intervals
Lap counter up to 50 laps/Lap view (detailed lap analysis)
NFC communication with Android smartphone via SIGMA LINK
Full text display in seven languages
Predefined tyre sizes
Can be used for two bikes
Automated start/stop
Data retention when batteries are replaced (settings and total values)
Low battery indicator (computer head + transmitters)
12-month workout statistics
Automatic bike recognition (Bike 1/Bike 2)
Selectable target heart rate zones
2 starting altitudes
Zoom function selectable for heart rate, cadence, altitude, gradient
Watertight in accordance with IPX8
Tool-free mounting
Service interval can be adjusted (at the retailer)