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Miles Racing - Factory Pack of 25 - Organic - SHIMANO XTR (MI-ORG-24)

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Color: Blue



OPTIMUM PRICE-PERFORMANCE RATIO: Miles Racing Organic Brake Pads are a valuable solution to bikers who are looking for a safe, all-round braking solution that does not break their budget. Organic pads are made with organic carbon fibers bonded together using resin. Depending on the application, carbon composition is adjusted for best results.

HIGH BRAKING POWER IN DRY CONDITIONS: Organic brake pads work the best in dry conditions and in conditions where the discs do not get too hot. Organic pads offer better initial grab that tends to fade during long descents. Not recommended for descents or other conditions where heavy, continuous braking can generate too much heat. Also not recommended for wet or muddy conditions.

QUIETER RIDES: Organic brake pads are softer and hence much quieter compared to brake pads with more metallic content. They are gentler on brake discs and offer the benefit of less rotor wear compared to sintered counterparts. Organic brake pads have shorter break-in period.

BEST FOR CASUAL RIDERS: Organic brake pads are a great choice for bike riding conditions where braking requirement is minimal, like cross country, commuting, and flat terrain rides. Recommended for casual riders and light weight riders.

RELIABILITY & COMPATIBILITY: Non-asbestos construction ensures further biking safety. Made in Germany and tested by independent testing companies. Check the list of compatible brake systems for a complete list of compatible brakes. 


This brake pad is compatible with following systems. If you are looking for a different model, please refer to our compatibility chart for all models.

Alfine BR-S500
Alfine BR-S501
BR-M545 (MTB)
BR-R505 (Road)
BR-T665 (Trekking)
Deore BR-M535
Deore BR-M595
Deore BR-M596
Hone BR-M601

LX BR-M585
Saint BR-M800
SLX (2009) BR-M665
XT BR-M765
XT BR-M775
XT BR-M776
XTR BR-M965 (until 2010)
XTR BR-M966 (until 2010)
XTR BR-M975 (until 2010)


To get the most braking power out of your new organic pads, it is important to follow these steps to break them in properly.

  • Smoothen hotspots: Brake for 5 seconds while riding at a speed of about 9-12 mph with minimal pressure on brake lever, letting the brakes slip slightly. Repeat this process 3 more times. Let the pads cool in between.
  • Smoothen the surface: Brake from about 15 mph to 3 mph with medium power and release before coming to a complete stop. Repeat this process 20 times. 
  • Outgas the brake pads: To achieve maximum braking performance, the binding agents in  the covering material has to harden or evaporate, which usually happens at around 390° F. Look for a longer downhill slope and roll downhill with brakes on. Stop when you notice that braking force is decreasing. Bring the bike to standstill and let the pads cool down. Make sure that the pads are not overheated.
  • Done - Ready for action!