Miles Racing - Disc Pads Sintered - Hayes Stroker Ryde 2009 - MI-SIN-44


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CONSISTENT BRAKING: Enjoy ultimate braking stability while conquering aggressive trails. You can always rely on a consistent feeling of safe and comfortable braking, irrespective of whether you are biking on wet, muddy trails or dry, desert sands. This unparalleled consistency sets sintered pads a level above semi-metallic counterparts where braking performance can vary significantly from brand to brand.

HIGH-TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE: Extremely rugged, sintered construction prevents high-temperature build-up from constant slamming of brakes. This ensures resistance to temperatures as high as 850° - 900°, a far cry from semi-metallic counterparts.

RACE APPROVED: Sintered brake pads are specifically built to withstand the grind of continuous braking in race tracks. Heavy-duty braking power is perfect for extreme racing or downhill racing.

LONG LASTING: Miles Racing premium pads offer unfailing braking power that adventure riders can count on. The iron and copper fortified pads have the highest metallic content among peers. This unique hard compound construction significantly slows down the wear and makes the pads last longer even under extreme riding conditions.

RELIABILITY & COMPATIBILITY: Experience highly reliable, fade-free braking performance on road bikes, touring bicycles, e-bikes, e-MTB cycles, and mountain bikes. Non-asbestos construction further ensures biking safety. Made in Germany and tested by independent testing companies. Check the list of compatible brake systems for a complete list of compatible brakes. 


This brake pad is compatible with following systems. If you are looking for a different model, please refer to our compatibility chart for all models.

Hayes Stroker Ryde 2009


To get the most braking power out of your new sintered pads, it is important to follow these steps to break them in properly.

  • Brake for 5 seconds while riding at a speed of about 7 mph. Repeat this process 3 more times.
  • Brake from about 20 mph with medium power and release before coming to a complete stop. Repeat this process 40 times. You should feel the brake performance increase. Let the pads cool between each stop.
  • Done - Ready for action!

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