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Green Oil - EcoGrease - 200ml

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Skin safe, eco friendly bike lube for bearings and other non moving bike parts...


Green Oil Ecogrease is a smooth and powerful lubricant that will protect threaded components by reducing friction, wear, and rust. Riders and bikers will enjoy the smoother and faster transitions and efficient rides. Grease comes in an easy to dispense tube made of 100% recycled plastic. Versatile Ecogrease can be used on bike headsets, threaded brackets, wheel bolts, seat posts, quick release pins, pivots, etc to name a few.

Green Oil Ecogrease offers excellent friction-busting properties that will last through outdoor weather elements for a long time. Though made without PTFE or PFOA, the formula offers excellent performance close to the petrochemical equivalent grease in the market.

Green Oil's eco-friendly formula made completely with natural plant-based formula, free of palm oil, PTFE, PFOA, and harmful petrochemicals, is gentle on your surroundings. With its recycled plastic bottle packaging, the grease does not leave harmful traces in the environment. The advanced eco formula is also skin-safe.

Use: Grease for mechanical parts with little or no movement

Recommended for: Commuters or mountain bikers, in wet or dry riding conditions

Packaging: 200 ml recycled bottle

Usage Tips

How to use Ecogrease?

The first formula of Ecogrease was a little thinner, but its now thicker and more durable. We therefore recommend taking the whole cap off to squeeze it out.


Green Facts

How is Ecogrease green?

  • It contains only natural ingredients
  • Ecogrease contains no PTFE or petrochemicals. 
  • The bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic