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Green Oil - Dry Chain Wax - Dry Conditions - 100ml

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Dry Chain Wax For road bikes, triathlon, fixies and dry summer trail riding..


Green Oil Dry Chain Wax is a great lubricant that will protect your bike by reducing friction, wear, and noise. Urban riders, as well as mountain bikers, will enjoy the smoother and faster gear transitions and quieter rides. The dry, white formula does not leave messy stains on your trousers, which is a great advantage for professionals who ride to work. Less mess also gives adventurous riders more peace of mind.

Green Oil Dry Wax offers excellent friction-busting properties in dry and dusty conditions, making it a great choice for dusty, trail rides in Spring and Summer. Though made without PTFE or PFOA, the formula offers excellent performance close to the petrochemical equivalent lubes in the market. Performance tends to drop slightly in rainy or wet conditions, much more than petrochemical equivalent choices. However, the easy carry-on bottle and the easy application let you top up in a jiffy to boost up performance.

Green Oil wax can be applied easily without any mess. Clean the chain by removing any residual lube and any dust or debris. Keep a rag handy for cleaning overspills. With the secured cap closed, shake the bottle. Then remove the cap and start applying on the chain. Crank the chain for even application and let dry for about seven minutes. Applying a second layer and letting dry for twenty minutes is recommended for better performance.

Green Oil's eco-friendly formula made completely with natural wax and bioethanol sauce, free of harmful paraffin and petrochemicals, is gentle on your surroundings. With its recycled plastic bottle packaging, the Dry Wax also does not leave harmful traces in the environment. Wax lube is flammable similar to other chain lubes. Handle with care. Keep away from fire.

Use: Chain wax for road bikes, mountain bikes, e-bikes, kids' bikes

Recommended for: Commuters or mountain bikers, in dry riding conditions

Packaging: 100 ml recycled bottle


Why use White? 
Its important to keep your chain lubricated. This reduces friction letting you go faster and have a smoother gear changes. A lubricated chain results in fewer chain replacements too.

White is great for dusty trail riding. If you ride in dry weather, White Wax is designed for you. In these conditions, you get more airborne dust which can stick to the chain. White is dry, so minimal dust is attracted. Its great for city riding too. 

White won't go on your pants like other lubes, so its great for the commute to work, or your cargo bike on the way to the Bronx. We also recommend White for road racing, BMX riding and trail bikes.

White is great for any folding bikes - where you're more likely to get dirty when folding it up.

How to apply

1. Ensure that your bike is secured so it doesn't fall over you while step 2 is going down. . .

2. With the cap on, shake the bottle vigorously upside down. 

3. Preferably clean the chain first, and ensure its dry. (A wipe down with a rag is better than nothing.)
4. Work out how many times you need to turn the cranks for one chain circulation - Slowly turn the cranks backwards, watching a single chain link

5. Squeeze the bottle gently to apply White to the top part of the bottom half of the chain (if that doesn't make sense, hopefully the diagram below does!). Apply to one length of the chain. Apply to the 'rollers', the cylinders on the chain

6. Turn the cranks back for one chain circulation, and leave to dry for 7 minutes.  (This is especially important if its raining). 

7. You are ready to ride. Alternatively, for a super clean chain, wipe off excess by running the chain once through a rag. 




  • Other dry lubes out there contain PTFE and petrochemicals, some even using toxic paraffin. They often use petrochemical wax too. White uses bees wax within the formula, and after its life on your bike, is totally biodegradable. Part of the formula is bio ethanol made from sugar. This is grown in the EU, and is the solvent part of the formula. Its alcoholic so flammable. This is the first Green Oil product to have a black and orange logo on, but its just the flammable symbol.
  • Petrochemicals often harm the environment and aquatic life. White however is petrochemical and PTFE free, contains no paraffin and is totally biodegradable.
  • Every White bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic - so don't be surprised if the bottle is a curious colour!
  • The label is made from the same type of plastic as the bottle, to aid efficient recycling.