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ALL PURPOSE FRONT MUDGUARD: Speed Mullet is designed to keep your feet dry on wet roads. Now comes with a longer strap to work for all downtubes. Speed Mullet does it job regardless of where you are riding, does not matter if it is gnarl gravel rides, or leisure city or commuter ride.

STABILITY: Speed Mullet design has two stability tabs that folds under the velcro strap to ensure that the mullet stays in place even on the most adventurous trails. These tabs also ensure proper angle on all bike frames.

UNIVERSAL FIT: Speed Mullet can be mounted quickly within seconds to any frame or cable using the 2-in-1 velcro strap. The mullet can be mounted on fat carbon frames or thin steel frames with no hassles. 

CABLE MANAGEMENT: Innovative design has two shallow channels formed by three silicone bumpers and specific strap routing, to let cables pass through between the frame and the mudguard.

MOUNTING TIPS: Fold the outer edges of the speed mullet at 90 degrees so that they are facing forward and place the mudguard as close to the wheel as possible with enough clearance for steering. This ensures maximum feet protection. For optimum drivetrain protection, fold the outer edges slightly and place the mullet further down, closer to the chainring.

IMPORTANT: Speed Mullet should not be used if there are uncovered cables for rare brakes. Please ensure that there is housing for the downward brake cable if you are using speed mullet. Also check drivetrain clearance and brake protection before each ride.

Measures: 390x113 mm
Weight: 30 g
Material: 0.8 mm PP (Polypropylene)



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