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ASS SAVERS - Mudder Regular - Front Fender

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Color: Turquoise Dots


Ass Savers MUDDER is designed for use by bikers to protect their face from dirt sprays and mud splashes during high speed trail rides. The MUDDER attaches with zip ties to guarantee an instant and perfect fit on all fork sizes.

Measures: 237x154 mm (9.33 inches x 6.06 inches)
Weight: 18 g (0.04 lb)
Material: 0.8 mm PP (Polypropylene)


FACE PROTECTION FROM DIRT SPRAYS: The Ass Savers MUDDER is a quick fender to keep your eyes free of dirt and spray during high speed trail rides. Mudder will not protect riders from general sprays from front tire. 

FITS ALL SUSPENSION FORKS WITH A FORK BRIDGE: Ass Savers MUDDER fits all standard front suspension forks with wheel sizes between 26" to 29". If you have a fork with an inverted fork bridge, like DT Swiss or Magura, then it won't fit without modifications.

EASY MOUNTING, PRE-FOLDING DESIGN: MUDDER attaches to the front fork by zip ties. It is for those folks who just don't want to rock a fender permanently, but need one quickly when surprised by a rain. Well engineered design helps with transformation from the flat form to a functional mudguard using a pre-folding process.

INNOVATIVE TIRE HUGGING DEFLECTORS: MUDDER's front flaps can be folded down towards the tire for better protection and improved efficiency.

LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighing only 18 grams (0.04 lbs), MUDDER is extremely lightweight, so you won't even feel it is there. 


Ass Savers Mudder

Ass Savers Mudder

Ass Savers Mudder

Ass Savers Mudder