ergotec Saddle Comfort Plus (260 x 218mm | Black)


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THE ERGOTEC SADDLE "COMFORT PLUS". This saddle is a particularly large and soft saddle that was designed especially for wider pelvises and people who don't cycle very often. You always sit comfortably on the COMFORT PLUS saddle, and pressure points can't develop in the first place. The ergotec Flex T-Zone adapts the saddle surface individually to the anatomy of the human seat, while the ergotec relief ridge and the ergotec Comfort Cutout relieve the perineum and pubic bone. The additional ergotec shock absorbers dampen unevenness and allow the saddle shell to flex. The COMFORT PLUS saddle is only available in soft and in one width (XL). The ES COMFORT PLUS is suitable for both conventional and e-bikes.

RELIEF RIDGE FOR OPTIMIZED COMFORT AND CONTROL. The ergotec saddles are characterised by a pronounced ridge in the middle of the saddle. This shifts more load onto the robust sit bones and relieves the perineum or pubic bone, but without removing the contact with the saddle at the front and thus reducing the feel and controllability of the ride.

FLEX T-ZONE FOR INCREASED COMFORT. The centrepiece of all ergotec saddles is the newly developed ergotec Flex T-Zone, which adapts perfectly to the contour of the buttocks and prevents points of excess pressure. In the narrow front section the Flex T-Zone protects the perineum and pubic bone. In the wide rear section it ensures that the sit bones automatically position themselves correctly. The Flex T-Zone adapts precisely to the shape of the buttocks and the perineum or pubic area. The developers have used two different types of padding: the Flex T-Zone is enclosed in highly elastic but somewhat firmer ergotec HSP padding.

LARGE ADJUSTMENT RANGE. The saddle rail of the ergotec saddles has a large, scaled adjustment range which enables all cyclists - whether large or small - to achieve the perfect setting. 

ROBUST SURFACE FOR SLIP RESISTANCE AND DURABILITY. During the development of the cover of the saddle a lot of attention was paid to slip resistance, durability and robustness. This means that ergotec saddles are not easily affected by rain, sun or temperature differences.


  • Size: 260 x 218 mm
  • Texture: Soft
  • Cover material: PU
  • Rail Material: Steel
  • Stitching: No
  • Weight: ~440 g
  • Finish: Black

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