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Ergotec - Ladytown Handlebar - 31.8 mm- Black Sandblasted

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Ergotec - Ladytown Handlebar - 31.8 mm- Black Sandblasted | NOTE: This item will be special ordered for you. Kindly allow 2 to 6 weeks of lead time.


Ladytown 31.8 handlebar is a comfortable high-tense 31.8mm alloy handlebar with 16mm rise and 30° back sweep. This is one of ergotec's XXL- parts featuring "Level 6", which can be used without reservation at City bicycles of up to a max. permitted weight (bike + cyclist + luggage) of 180 kg. (Safety Level 6)

Ergonomical Certification ensuring Comfortable Riding. Thanks to certification as an ergonomic product and the corresponding approval procedures, ergotec demonstrates that ergonomic products reduce discomfort when cycling not just in theory, but also in practice! This benefit is proven and documented by the test certificate of the Institute for Health and Ergonomics (IGR).

Versatile Utilization and Activity. Handlebars with Level 6 safety are the most versatile of all levels. They can be used for Youth-bikes, Young adult (up to 100 kg), Cargo-Bike (up to 300 kg), City/Trekking Bike (up to 180 kg), Road/Gravel/Travel Bike (up to 120 kg), Mountain Bike (up to 140 kg)

Maximized System Weight Capacity. In the case of cargo bikes, high total weights of over 200 kg are not uncommon. Conventional components are not always able to withstand these high loads. Ergotec has therefore designed special components that are specifically suitable for cargo use. These Level 6 components can be used on cargo bikes up to a max. permissible total weight (vehicle + rider + luggage) of up to 300 kg.

Lightweight, Durable, and Economical. Ladytown Handlebar uses AL2014 T6 which is approximately 50% much better than AL6061 T6 especially in terms of strength and durability. In comparison to steel, titanium, and carbon fiber, aluminum alloys are much lighter and cheaper. For bicycles subject to heavy-duty use such as cargo bikes, e-bikes and rental bikes, ergotec handlebars are the ideal choice thanks to the excellent material properties.

Performance Meets Safety. For many years ergotec supports the world champion, World Cup winner and multiple national winner Tomas Slavik. His trust in ergotec‘s MTB components, which meet his exacting requirements, confirms brand's commitment to develop high-quality products.


All steering systems and all ergotec stems are tested without exception and are then classified with a SAFETY LEVEL. All ergotec seatposts also have a SAFETY LEVEL. Irrespective of whether you ride a mountain bike, an e-bike or a touring bike – you will always get the exact component with safety certification you need.

ergotec SAFETY LEVEL is a safety classification for steering systems and seatposts on bicycles. ergotec products have a SAFETY LEVEL of 1 to 6. The higher the level, the greater the safety. Each level has their suggested bike activity, from city to cargo.

All handlebars and stems are subjected to hard long-term testing individually and in combination. The same applies for seatposts. This testing is carried out in accordance with European testing standards or even higher demands.

No other bike handlebar manufacturer in Europe has as large a testing centre as we do at ergotec. Furthermore, our products are tested frequently at recognised independent institutions.


  • Safey Level: 6
  • Width: 650 mm
  • Grip Length: 180 mm
  • Thickness: 1.7-2.4-1.7
  • Weight: ~265 g
  • Clamp: 31.8 mm
  • Material: AL2014 T6
  • Rise: 16 mm
  • Back and Up Sweep: 30 / 0 degrees
  • Finish: Black Sandblasted