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Ergotec - Kyoto - Bike Grips

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Color: Black


The ergotec Kyoto grip offers a comfortable and safe riding experience. The lightweight palm rest allows for a relaxed hand position. With the screw clamp, the Kyoto grip can be easily and securely attached to the bicycle handlebar. The ergotec Kyoto grip is specially designed for city and trekking bikes. Whether for the daily commute to work or on an adventure tour, the grip offers excellent comfort.

Lightweight. With a weight of approx. 135 g, the ergotec Kyoto grip is light and hardly adds to the overall weight of the bike. This makes it an excellent choice for riders who value light weight and optimal balance.

High Quality Material. Made of high-quality aluminium and Kraton, this grip combines the advantages of both materials for durability, comfort and control.

Ergonomic Design. The range of ergotec grips combines ergonomics with dynamic design. It includes grip models that vary in size such as long/long and long/short sizes, to cover the complete spectrum for everyday, leisure and sports use. A number of innovative features ensure cycling fun, comfort and ultimately a more relaxed ride, even on longer trips, whether for conventional or e-bikes.

Power and Safety. ergotec has an extensive and well-coordinated product range for all 3 contact points in the area of handlebars/grips, saddles/seatposts and pedals. This allows the bicycle to be optimally adapted to the individual needs of the cyclist, and reduces discomfort when cycling. In addition, long distances can be covered with power and safety.

Made in Germany. All the materials of the new ergotec EG grips are manufactured in Germany under the highest quality standards in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.


  • Grip diameter - 22.2 mm
  • Length left - 133 mm
  • Length right - 133 mm
  • Weight - 135 g
  • Finish - Black
  • Bar ends - not possible
  • Clamp - yes
  • Handlebar plug - no
  • Material - Kraton/Gel