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Ergotec - Turnable Bell Twisty (22.2 mm | Black | 20 g Aluminum

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Color: Black

LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE. ergotec Turnable Bell Twisty is a bicycle bell made of lightweight (20 g) Aluminum alloy, considered as a sturdy material which ensures durability of the product which will maximize buyer experence.

USER FRIENDLY OPERATION. This twist grip bell offers user-friendly operation. By simply turning it, you create a clear sound. This allows you to alert other road users of your presence in time, which greatly increases safety during your ride.

LOUD AND CLEAR SOUND. The ergotec twist grip bell provides a simple and effective way of acoustic signaling in road traffic. With a clear sound, it signals your presence to other road users and allows you to draw attention to yourself early. As a result, it increases your safety on the road.

QUICK AND STABLE MOUNT. This bell is easy and safe to attach to your bike handlebar. It can be fixed firmly so that it remains stable during your ride and does not cause annoying rattling.

STYLISH LOOK. This mini bell is available in an elegant, sandblasted black finish, which gives it an attractive and stylish appearance and fits seamlessly into the overall design of the bike.