TryBike – bicycles

Trybike balance bikes available in a range of attractive colors in steel or vintage finish are great for tiny tots, toddlers and young children to get started with their first step.

The 3 wheel Trybike is essentially a 2 wheel balance bike and a trike kit that can be used to convert from 2 wheel to 3 wheel setup. The trike can be used as soon as the little ones are able to balance. Once they get their initial grasp on balancing, and are about 2.5 years to 3 years old, they can move to a two wheel balance bike. Once the children have mastered the two wheel riding and balancing, they can move on to a regular bike without a training wheel!

Trybike is so sturdy and sustainable that once your child has moved on to a regular bike, the trybike can be used by another child.

Trike is recommended for ages 15 months to 2.5 years. Two wheel bike is great for 2 to 6 year olds.

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