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SIGMA Computers - Originals BC 12.0 Wireless STS w/ Optional Cadence

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12 FUNCTIONS w/ OPTIONAL CADENCE SENSOR: BC 12.0 WL displays trip distance, speed, total distance, trip time, clock, total trip time, average speed, average speed comparison, maximum speed, and current temperature. It also provides monthly statistics and can be used with two different bikes. 12.0 WL ATS can be paired with optional cadence sensor available as separate accessory for the basic ATS computer, included in ATS CAD. Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, or Polish.

WIRELESS DATA TRANSFER & LARGE BACKLIT DISPLAY: The wireless (WL) encoded transmission SIGMA has developed eliminates the need for cables. A wireless transmitter on the fork continuously measures and transmits bicycle speed without interference to the BC 12.0 WL's receiver. The 31 x 41 mm display has room for large numbers that are very easy to read during a ride. Especially practical is the BC 12.0 WL backlight, so the values can be read easily even when it is dark.

WEATHERPROOF, WITH LONG BATTERY LIFE: The BC 12.0 WL is water-resistant and weatherproof. The integrated, replaceable button battery (CR 2032) is sufficient to supply the BC 12.0 WL with energy for well over two years. During battery replacement, all total values and settings remain protected. The pre-defined tire sizes, ranging from a small child's bike to a 29" bike, make it easy to set the BC 12.0 WL. You can also enter the tire circumference exactly to the millimeter.

QUICK MOUNTING & EASY OPERATION: The BC 12.0 WL's handlebar bracket and speed sensor can be mounted quickly on the bike with cable ties (included). The bike computer is convenient to remove and store at any time. The wireless bike speedometer can be operated easily and intuitively with its three buttons. The two lower buttons allow convenient toggling among individual functions. The menu button takes the user to the settings and monthly statistics. 

VARIABLE MOUNTING OPTIONS: The BC 12.0 can also be used with the SIGMA OVERCLAMP BUTLER or LONG BUTLER handlebar bracket, available separately as accessories for handlebars with diameters of 25.4 or 31.8 mm. The OVERCLAMP BUTLER provides more space and order on the handlebars and a great view of the bike computer. The LONG BUTLER positions the bike computer away from the handlebars and encourages an athletic posture. There is option to fix with an additional screw to prevent theft.

Click here to see Originals 12.0 Wired (12210).
See all Sigma Original Models.


Sporty statistician

Whether cyclists are commuting to the office, enjoying a long weekend tour, or speeding along with a road bike, the BC 12.0 WL is the ideal companion for all cycling adventures. This SIGMA ORIGINAL likes things sporty and versatile: the BC 12.0 WL provides cyclists with access to twelve functions, giving them an overview of their performance on two different bikes at all times. The wireless bike computer also provides monthly performance statistics. It is a true SIGMA ORIGINAL with lots of sophisticated functions!

Current speed is displayed continuously, and any value can be chosen as the second value. Slim design and angular shape look good, especially on a sporty bike. 

Those travelling outdoors want to know what the weather will be like. The BC 12.0 WL has an integrated thermometer displaying the current temperature. The wireless bike computer shows cyclists their personal statistics for the past twelve months. Total distance and trip time can be viewed. This “training diary” allows comparison of monthly activity.

The BC 12.0 WL can easily be mounted on a second bike, whether that bike be a road bike, city bike, or racing bike. After it is set up once, the BC 12.0 automatically detects which bike is being used. All that is needed to mount the bike computer on a second bike is a second bracket and transmitter.

What's included: Bike computer (including battery), bracket for wireless model, STS transmitter (including battery), magnet, mounting material, operating instructions


Current speed
Average speed
Current/average speed comparison
Maximum speed
Total distance (Bike 1/Bike 2)
Ride time
Total trip time (Bike 1/Bike 2)
Clock (12/24 hrs)

STS encoded wireless transmission
Full text display in seven languages
Predefined tyre sizes
Can be used for two bikes
Automated start/stop
Data retention when batteries are replaced (settings and total values)
Battery status indicator (computer + transmitter)
Training statistics for twelve months
Automatic bike recognition (Bike 1/Bike 2)
Watertight in accordance with IPX8
Service interval can be adjusted (at the retailer)