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Ergotec - Pedals 628 (9/16'' with Reflector | Silver/Black)

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Color: Silver / Black


The ergotec pedal 628 is an ideal choice for all riders who are looking for a high-quality and reliable pedal. The ergotec pedal 628 has a sturdy aluminum cage, which ensures outstanding durability. The cage has been beautifully designed to ensure an attractive aesthetic that fits perfectly with different types of bikes. Equipped with high-quality ball bearings, the ergotec pedal 628 allows for smooth and efficient pedaling. The pedal features a sturdy 7mm steel axle and is available in a 107x68mm size.


Optimal Connection for Rider and the Bike. ergotec has an extensive and well-coordinated product range for all 3 contact points in the area of saddle/seatpost, pedals and handlebars/grips. This allows the bicycle to be optimally adapted to the individual needs of the cyclist, and reduces discomfort when cycling. In addition long distances can be covered with power and safety.

Ergonomics meets design. The perfect combination of design, ergonomics, comfort and efficient power transmission. ergotec EP pedals always ensure a fantastic ride experience. The larger contact zone of the pedals distributes the pressure evenly over the entire surface. Pressure peaks and compression of the nerves are avoided. The curved surface corresponds to the shape of the foot and helps to find the optimum position. All of these has been carefully studied and incorporated in the design.

Sporty and ElegantOn the sporty, most pedals of ergotec have a concave tread surface. The non-slip sandpaper surface offers the foot a secure grip even when wet. High-quality materials and a new bearing technology make ergotec pedals unmistakable highlight.

Ergotec pedals as Medical Product. With the classification and the associated procedure, ergotec provides proof that ergonomic products not only theoretically reduce complaints when cycling, but also practically! Because the benefit is proven and documented in accordance with the law. These medical products exemplify the performance of ergotec Bikeparts.

Various Pedal Types. Zeitbike is also offering different variants of ergotec Pedals which comes in different design and purpose such as usage in urban jungle, city biking, cargo and transport, sporty look, medical products, and many more.


  • Size: 107 x 68
  • Bearing: Ball Bearing
  • Reflections: Integrated
  • Thread: 9/16"
  • Axle: 7 mm Baron Steel
  • Material: Alloy/Plastic/Rubber
  • Finish: Silver
  • Weight: ~370 g (Pair)