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SIGMA AURA 100 - Blaze Link Set

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The AURA 100/BLAZE LINK light set allows front and rear bike lights to be controlled and experienced in a completely new way. The key is the innovative link function that quickly couples the two lights. Once the front and rear light are connected to each other, they can be operated with ease from the front light. Approved for road cycling, the AURA 100 LINK has 100 lux of lumination and and a range of 110 meters (360 feet) to light up even the darkest trail, and the BLAZE LINK with its brake light function ensures maximum visibility. The connected light concept earned the AURA 100/BLAZE LINK light set the 2021 Eurobike Award.

INTELLIGENT LIGHT FUNCTION. It couldn’t be easier: the AURA 100/BLAZE LINK set’s two lights can be connected via Bluetooth for convenient and intuitive control from the front light. A double click activates the bike’s front and and rear lights, and a long button push switches them off again.

FIVE-LEVEL MODES. The five different modes give you a lot of options when you’re riding with the AURA 100/BLAZE LINK set. The AURA 100 LINK display always shows what mode the lights are in and how much lighting power they have on. When fewer bars light up, less battery power is being used. This makes for simple and convenient operation.

AUTO LIGHT ADJUSTMENT. The AURA 100 LINK goes one step further. In the “Auto” lighting mode, an integrated brightness sensor automatically adjusts the light intensity to the ambient light. This ensures the longest possible burn time with sufficient light power (25 to 100 lux).

BATTERY LEVEL INDICATOR. The AURA 100 LINK’s LED indicator always shows the battery level for the front and rear lights. Its five levels always let you know when the AURA 100 or BLAZE LINK needs to be hooked up to the USB charging cable again. Charging progress is also displayed.

LIGHT MODES. You can select between the BLAZE LINK’s automatic sensor light, which activates itself in the dark, and a continuous light. For both options, the acceleration sensor triggers the brake light as soon as you slow down. Three bright LEDs signal braking to others on the road for about three seconds thanks to the integrated acceleration sensor.

UNIVERSAL MOUNTING. Especially practical: You need no tools to mount the BUSTER RL 150. The silicone strap makes affixing it to all common seat posts easy and fast (just seconds).

WATER RESISTANT. The BUSTER RL 150 is resistant to splashing water in accordance with the international IPX4 standard, so it can handle a downpour with no problem. The battery-powered rear light is a reliable companion in all kinds of weather.

Following Accessories can be bought separately


  • Micro-USB Charging Cable Recharge (18553)
  • Rubber Mount Rear Lights (00481)
  • Screw-Bracket Mount (00151)
  • Silicone Mount (00150)



  • 110 m Beam Range
  • Run time: 3 h in standard mode, 4 h in mid mode, 6 h in low mode, 12 h in Eco mode
  • Charge time: 4.5 h
  • Effectiveness: 100 lux (75 lux in Mid mode, 50 lux in Low mode, and 25 lux in Eco mode)
  • Charge indicator: 4-level battery charge display, 5-level battery indicator
  • Integrated Charge Function: Charging possible during operation
  • Mode Indicator
  • Brightness Sensor
  • Lighting Type: Osram LED
  • Side Visibility: Light guide for excellent side visibility
  • Adjustable bracket 360 degree, silicone mount with quick release
  • Splash Resistant in accordance with IPX4
  • Tool-free mounting
  • Switch on protection: double click for ON
  • Weight: 115 g


  • 500 m Visibility Range
  • Run time: 7 h
  • Charge time: 3h
  • Charge indicator: Battery indicator
  • Integrated charge function: Micro USB charge function
  • Mode indicator
  • 3 LED brake light function
  • Brightness sensor
  • Improved side visibility
  • Splash resistant in accordance with IPX4
  • Tool-free mounting
  • Weight: 22 g