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ASS SAVERS - Regular Size - Rain Fenders

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Color: Magic


CHOICE OF DESIGNS: Available in traditional Black or White color as well as colorful designs like bold rain, spektrum, feather, monster, or magic.

COMPATIBILITY: Ass Savers Regular Mudguards are designed for tires that are 23-35 mm wide.

MAXIMUM PROTECTION: Fourth Generation of Ass Savers regular mudguards will keep your butt dry all day long, on your commuter bikes, touring bicycle, cyclo cross bikes etc. Optimum coverage ensures better riding comfort by keeping rainwater, mud splashes and dirt sprays at bay. Made in Sweden, Ass Saver Mudguards have the reputation of being the first ever mudguard to be used by professional cyclists in UCI World Tour.

LIGHTWEIGHT & STABLE: Improved Ass Savers design is stronger and longer for better coverage and stability on uneven trails. Front rail attachment ensures proper fit and uniform coverage. Self-centering mudguards will strive to regain their centered position in case of accidental kicks or movements during rigorous rides. Lightweight, lower profile design does not interfere with mobility and performance, making them a great choice for thrill riders.

EASY MOUNT & FLIP-TIP LOCK: Bikers can pop on these fenders as and when needed, with the easy no tools mounting mechanism. With the trademark flip-tip technology, bikers can easily attach these mudguards with a simple flip of the tip, as simple as a cycling cap. Unlocking is also simple, by flipping the tip back down and pulling backwards. Well engineered design helps with transformation from the flat form to a functional mudguard using a pre-folding process.

SADDLE BAG COMPATIBILITY: Ass Savers Mudguards are easier to install with standard rail saddles and carbon rails. Though there have been significant improvement in saddle bag compatibility, perfect fit cannot be guaranteed for all saddle bags.


Ass Savers Bold Rain Fender