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ASS SAVERS - Fendor Bendor - BIG - Rear Mudguard

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Color: Black


Ass Savers FENDOR BENDOR BIG is a full-fledged rear fender that offers protection to gravel or MTB riders. FENDOR BENDOR BIG supports and easy no tools mount within seconds. Suitable for tire widths between 32-55mm.

Technical data:
Measures: 555x80 mm (effective) (21.65 inches x 3.15 inches)
Weight: 61 g (0.13 lb)
Material: 1 mm PP (Polypropylene)


UNIVERSAL FIT: FENDOR BENDOR BIG fits all frames with standard seat stays. It's self supportive and doesn't require support from the brake bridge or the seat stays. It can also be mounted directly on a seat post (as low as possible for best effect). It will not fit if you have monostay frame or center pull brake. Suitable for tire widths between 32-55 mm.

EASY, NO TOOL MOUNTING: With the newly developed attachment construction, FENDOR BENDOR BIG is now completely self supported and therefore possible to mount on bikes without the sideway support of the seat stays or the support of a brake bridge. You could also mount it above your caliper brake to avoid interference with the brake.

DESIGNED FOR GRAVEL/MTB: It has been developed for gravel and adventure biking but is also a great protector for CX and Mountain Bikes. With greater length and width, it's well suited for the longer wheelbase normally associated with this segment of bikes. A single midway fold still allows for convenient minimal storage but with maximum sturdiness for the rocky roads ahead. FENDOR BENDOR BIG is made in Sweden, using durable, long lasting material.

FRAME PROTECTION by 3M: FENDOR BENDORs come with upgraded frame protection stickers from 3M. A material originally developed to protect the helicopter propeller blades from the sand storms in the desert, it makes sure that no scratches will be made to your beloved bike by the FENDOR BENDOR.

PREFOLDING DESIGN AND EASY STORAGE: The scoring lines along the fender need to be folded hard in order to give the it the necessary rigidity and strength. Take extra care to fold down the outer edges to make sure your FENDOR BENDOR is functioning properly. FENDOR BENDOR BIG is extremely light, weighing only 61 gm (0.13 lb). FENDOR BENDOR BIG can be folded in half for easy storage in a backpack or strapped on your bikepacking gear.


Ass Savers Fendor Bendor Big


Fendor Bendor 3M Frame Protection