🧊 Essential Guide To Unleash The Joy of Winter Cycling!

🧊 Essential Guide To Unleash The Joy of Winter Cycling!

Make sure that you are stocked up well for Winter Rides! Take care of yourself first. Make sure you have everything needed for your safety and fun.

Here is a quick checklist to run through:


Bike Gloves: Make sure you stay warm and keep away from frost bites. Check out Hirzl’s Grippp Thermo 2.0 for ultimate Winter protection.


Bike Helmets: Always ride with a helmet on to avoid risks. We have got a great selection between TSG helmets and Freetown helmets.


Puncture Sealants: Make sure to fill up your tires with Zero Flats Puncture Sealant which works to prevent a puncture before it happens.


Chain Lubes: In Winter, bike maintenance has to be top priority. Stock up on top lubes and cleaners to make sure your bike is in top shape for every ride.


Brake Pads: It’s very important that you stop when you want to on adverse snowy and icy trails. Miles Racing brake pads from Germany are available for all popular brake brands.


Bottles & Cages: Make sure you have the right gear to carry water comfortably for your rides.


Bike Lights: Staying visible and having the best visibility is a top priority in Winter. We have got the right lights for modern riders including the intellight Cliq tail light and top rated Sigma lights.


Mudguards: We have got top SKS mudguards for your bike and cool Ass Savers for yourself, for protection from snow and water.

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