🔒 Bike Safety Done Right. Smart Locking & Parking Tips for Riders.

🔒 Bike Safety Done Right. Smart Locking & Parking Tips for Riders.

Statistics suggest that most bike thefts are from home, where we tend to be more casual and diligent about safety. There is more to bike safety than just locking it up. Check out these quick and easy smart steps to make your bike a less vulnerable choice for thieves.

Always lock

Most of the stolen bikes are the unlocked ones, where it is easy for thieves to just ride off with the bike. It is a good habit to lock your bike at all places - city, road, parking, work, garage, shed, or your home.

Be Smart

Locking up your vehicle in an area with a lot of people movement and CCTVs is a safer bet. If there is a row of parked bikes, try to pick a spot in between rather than the end to stay less visible and to attract less attention from thieves.

Mix it up

Try using a combination of locks, making it harder and time consuming for pickers. Locking at different parts of your bike will help protect it more so that you are not left with some part of the bike like a wheel while the thief managed to take the rest of your bike.

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