💨 How To Inflate So You Don't Get Late

💨 How To Inflate So You Don't Get Late

🚴 Essential cycling gear that smart riders never skimp on.

Weather is starting to warm up in a few weeks and it’s about time to review a checklist of must haves in every cycling bag. No one wants to be left stranded with a flat tire. These simple, easy to use gear will come in handy to avoid tire pressure issues as well as to get back on the feet quickly in case of issues between rides.

Keeping track of tire pressure is very important for performance and safety. Airchecker is a value solution to monitor air pressure on a regular basis. Serious riders can go in for an airspy sensor (available for presta or schrader valve) which allows continuous real time monitoring of air pressure in their smartphone during bike rides.

Check out our range of air pumps and CO2 cartridges for tire pressure maintenance. Mini pumps are quite handy for refilling tires in between rides. CO2 Cartridges are better to get you back on trail faster than mini pumps. Be sure to always keep a floor pump for proper air filling in regular intervals. We also have a suspension pump for those mountain bike shocks.

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