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💡 The Best Gear To Brighten Your Cycling Adventures

💡 The Best Gear To Brighten Your Cycling Adventures

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🚴 Safety gear for early morning or night rides. Plus must have gadgets to take you closer to your 2021 goals

With the popularity of cycling increasing several fold this past year, we have been busy bringing in cool and essential accessories for bikers. Here are some of the newest fitness accessories for your 2021 fitness journey.

Stay Visible with cool bicycle Lights
Affordable USB Taillight: Now we have a very affordable LED tail light for all your high traffic rides. This small and compact taillight can be easily recharged via a micro-USB socket, commonly available in any PC. Enjoy a visibility range of up to 400 meters with side visibility above 220°. Check out our awesome dealer special pricing on Sigma’s Nugget II Flash.

Smallest LED Front light: Our smallest front light is just the size of a match box and can be easily fitted on any light or helmet! Also doubles up as a flash light when you are outside walking your dog or hiking! This lightest power light weighs only 62 gms and gives out 120 lumens of light with 35 meter visibility. Easily recharge through any USB port and carry around conveniently in your pant or jersey pocket. Get this amazing light Buster 100 today at Zeitbike.com. Get it as a combo with Nugget II tail light to have you completely covered when venturing out on the road.

Looking for an all-rounder solution when venturing out on roads? Buster 300 offers 300 lumen output and 70 meters visibility range, with four light modes to control the amount of light. Weighs just 103 gm including the holder.

If you are looking for a stronger light to light up your trails here is the one with 700 lumens output and 100 m visibility range. Comes with a universal helmet holder. Fast light up and dimming feature along with short charging time, makes Buster 700 a perfect lighting solution for night owls.

Now comes the ultimate power light with 2000 lumen output to illuminate your trails. Comes with a powerful battery pack for easy charging outdoors and a remote with glow-in-the-dark button for easy operation. Buster 2000 has an incredible burn time in the range of 2.5 hours to 20 hours, making it your reliable light source to run night into day!

All rounder Outdoor Light for Jogging, Trekking or camping
Must have headlamp for jogging, camping, or trekking in the dark! You can increase the light output with its instant boost mode. Lightweight and rechargeable with five light modes, Sigma’s Headled II is easy to use, making it an essential gear for all outdoor ventures.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure!

We are equally excited about Sigma Bicycle Computers and Sports Watches, with their state of the art features to help you track your progress to take you closer to your goal each day. Visit our site to check out the variety of wired or wireless computers, with essential ride functions as well as optional features like GPS and Calorie tracking.

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💨 Stay safe and keep riding!

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