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ZEITBIKE is a young and modern approach to bicycle distribution with a focus on urban riders and shops, everlasting gear with advanced functionality, and a lifestyle that surrounds cycling in any shape or form.

We love bicycles. And our love for bicycles doesn’t stop at performance driven two wheelers. We also care a lot for functional bicycles, bicycles with utility purposes, and bicycles with other purposes than competitions.

We love simple, long lasting parts and gear, because they last a lifetime and maintenance is easy on or off the bike. We appreciate local and global craftsmanship and quality, because we see products as a form of art and expression of ourselves. We love simplicity, because too many choices become unnecessary when sticking to brands that represent the same values that we have and we feel they cover our needs.

In fact, our concept is the next generation of a service oriented distribution concept. We provide simple choices, fast working cloud based software and easy to use “search functions”. We also provide a point system that rewards customers’ loyalty and builds long lasting relationships that helps to grow our family.

We take care of our customers, and we cater to those people who love anything and everything about bicycling. While we have fun at what we do and we want people to have fun on bikes however they chose to, we take business, bicycles, and other people’s opinions very serious.

We are here for a great experience to serve you with the best bicycle products.


What does Zeitbike mean?

ZEITBIKE stands for the “current state and mind of bicycling” or the “contemporary art, spirit, and culture of bicycling”.

The original word derives from the German word “Zeitgeist”, which means literally translated “time” and “ghost” (or spirit), while the true meaning is the “spirit of the times“ that takes a snapshot of the most significant aspects of a particular point in time.

We like this word a lot, because it describes the current state and art of bicycling we are always confronted with. We also like it because it reflects on the origin of Zeitbike’s founder from Germany as well as a good amount of quality bicycle products that come from there.

Yes, our background is in using bicycles in all aspects of life. Whether we used a bike to go to school, or rode it drunk to the clubs, carried our loved ones home on the cross tube, packed up and left home for weeks, or taught our children to get fast and independent on their own two wheels, our stories go beyond performance. Our story is about life, love, independence, fears, function, passion, and yes, speed and a good amount of madness.

Zeitbike strives to provide you with long lasting products, stuff you look great with, and stuff you can use for a long time.

Zeitbike is a modern, very forward-looking company, green and liberal in our souls, peaceful and mindful at heart, while passionate and powerful at the core. We love the power of bicycling.

“Be truthful, gentle, and fearless”

Be truthful, gentle and fearless.


What bicycling is all about

Bicycling is more than a means of transportation or a sport. Bicycling is political. Bicycling is an expression of life, and bicycling means love and passion. But not only that, bicycling means survival for some people and freedom for so many others, while it is an integral part of some cultures and despised in others.

We live and love bicycling, and we are not just a business.

In our view, bicycles are for everyone. In fact, bicycles, in their many forms and ways are fascinating, an extension of our horizons, and a way of life. For their multiple uses and their rich and long history, they ought to be respected and appreciated, whether it’s for fun, leisure, sport, utility, or just to get from A to Z.


What it means to you?

Ultimately, bicycles are supposed to make you happier, make you feel liberated and less restricted, get you closer and more in tune with nature and your surroundings, and allow you to go faster and more independently from A to Z. Bicycles shall extend your own self and expand your human physical limitations, without being regulated and restricted by space, by too many laws, and by an increasing amount of regulations.


What we do?

For that endeavor, we want to provide you with the most reliable, most well designed, longest lasting, and most serious tools and equipment available in the market that enhance the quality of your rides on a daily basis. We want to be a reliable and friendly source for enhancing your own love to bicycles and the things that surround bicycles.