ZeroFlats Teknic Anti-puncture Sealant For Inner Tubes (250 ml)


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ZEROFLATS Teknic is an anti-puncture sealant that works faster than any other brand. This particular product has been designed specifically for tires with inner tube, with special focus done on maintaining the granulation low in the formula. This makes it easier to insert the sealant through the valve.

ZEROFLATS liquid has the ability to move faster than slimy or regular liquids. This liquid also remains liquid much longer inside the wheel and does not dry up as quickly. In case of a puncture, ZEROFLATS Teknic instantly clots the tire forming a flexible, resistant and permanent latex rubber plug to seal the tire or tube.

ZEROFLATS is made in Spain from biodegradable and environmentally friendly contents that will keep our planet clean and safe.

ZEROFLATS is a professional grade bicycle tire sealant that works faster and more consistently than regular sealants.


  • ULTRA-FAST PUNCTURE SEALANT (PERMANENT!): ZEROFLATS Teknic is a special formulation of an ultra-fast moving liquid sealant that flows inside your tire. In the event of a puncture or leak, the sealant will fill up the puncture and clots instantly, forming a resistant and permanent plug. Seals punctures up to 5mm.
  • PREVENTS FLAT TIRES: With ZEROFLATS Teknic in your tires, you won’t have to dismount your bike to repair punctures. ZEROFLATS will do it for you. Since ZEROFLATS works instantly from the moment your tire is punctured, the loss of air in the tire is negligible, preventing flat tires.
  • CLEANEST PRODUCT IN THE MARKET: ZEROFLATS is a biodegradable solution and does not contain ammonia. ZEROFLATS is environmentally friendly and easily washes off your tire. So, no mess and super easy to apply. ZEROFLATS does not stain, rinses easily with water, doesn't leave any permanent residue, and leaves the valve clean / unclogged unlike other brands.
  • BONUS TOOLS INCLUDED: Each ZERO FLATS TUBELESS 250ml and 500ml bottle comes with a blister pack with the following tools so that they can be readily put to use - One 4.5cm fat tube (for Schrader valve), one 4.5cm thin tube (for Presta valve), one A-Type tool (for Presta valve), and one tool (for Schrader valve).


  • Remove the valve cap
  • Take out the valve core (unless it is a presta valve)
  • Insert applicator tube on the valve
  • Insert Zeroflats Teknic into the tube
  • Return the valve core.
  • Pump air into the tire and you are set!


  • ZEROFLATS Teknic is only intended for bicycle tires and is not recommended for cars / motorcycles.
  • It is recommended to check the sealant and replace it after 4-8 months depending on various conditions.
  • Keep the bottle tightly covered, in a dry and cool place.
  • Do not expose to freezing temperatures.

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