Panaracer - Aliso - MTB Tire - Tubeless Compatible - Folding


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Slightly less aggressive than the ROMERO, ALISO excels in most conditions with an eye towards softer, looser trails. Available in 27.5x2.4 and 2.6 and 29 x 2.4, Aliso is a great match with Romero or on its own and is offered as Romero is in an DH/Enduro triple compound with bead-to-bead puncture resistance and our rubber Bead Armor for excellent protection at really low pressures.


Triple Compound: High grip performance to withstand the demands of intense Enduro racing and riding. The base compound, then two other soft compounds are used on the center and side portion, delivering optimum grip every twist and turn.

Anti-Flat Plus: Reduces the risk of punctures at all speeds by reinforcing the tire at critical areas like at the bead where pinch flats can easily occur.

Choice between ST (Super Tough) or HO (High Output) models

ST (Super Tough) uses the heavy-duty rubber sidewall belt and full nylon taffeta ‘Anti-Flat Plus’ casing edge-to-edge wrap introduced on the PanDura. 

HO (High Output) option uses the same taffeta protection but only on the sidewall and doesn’t have the thick rubber rim-protecting wall either. The result is a much more pliable and lighter tire.

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