Ergotec - SCQ-080 - Seatclamp (28.6 mm / 31.8 mm | Black Sandblasted)


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QUICK RELEASE CLAMPING SYSTEM. This SCQ-100 seat clamp ring is quick release which allows for easy saddle height adjustments. An ergonomic lever on the side of the clamp opens and closes the clamp, which is held together by a bolt that lets the rider set the torque.

STYLISH LOOK. The SCQ-080 seat post clamp ring is available in an elegant, sandblasted black finsh, which gives it an attractive and stylish appearance and fits seamlessly into the overall design of the bike.

TOOL-FREE ADJUSTMENT. An outstanding feature of this seat clamp is the tool-free adjustment. This allows for quick and easy adjustment of bicycle seat height to your preference.

LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE.  It is made of lightweight, yet it gives exceptional durability and reliability, as it is built with a sturdy Aluminum AL 6061 material.

AVAILABLE IN VARIOUS MODELS. There are also other models of ergotec Seatclamp with quick release such as SCQ-030, SCQ-050, and SCQ-100 which are also available in different dimensions and colors.


  • Clamping System: with Quick Release
  • Dimension: 28.6 mm / 31.8 mm
  • Material: Aluminum/AL
  • Finish: Black Sandblasted
  • Weight: ~45g

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