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Green Oil's Scootfruit is a great lubricant that will protect your bicycles and scooters by reducing friction, wear, and rust. Scooter riders, as well as bikers, will enjoy the smoother and faster transitions and efficient rides. The versatile lubricant can be used on wheel bearings and headsets to make it smoother and faster.

Scootfruit offers excellent friction-busting properties with added protection against moisture and corrosion. Though made without harmful chemicals, the formula offers excellent performance close to the petrochemical equivalent lubes in the market.

Apply couple of drops of Scootfruit to your wheel bearings or headset bearings and watch them loosen up and go faster. Great for use on folding scooters as well. Comes in a 30 ml pocket-sized bottle, with an easy dispenser.

Green Oil's eco-friendly formula made completely with natural formula, free of palm oil and harmful petrochemicals, is gentle on your surroundings. With its recycled plastic bottle packaging, Scootfruit does not leave harmful traces in the environment. The advanced formula is also skin-safe and smells great.

Use: Lubricant for wheel bearings and headsets

Recommended for: Scooters, Bicycles

Packaging: 20 ml recycled bottle


  • All formulas are natural using plant based chemicals, without petrochemicals.
  • Skin safe formula will not damage skin or accumulate in body
  • Natural formula does not pollute the environment
  • 100% recycled plastic bottles
  • Scootfruit office uses LED lighting and other green measures

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